Hemfrid continues with language training for its employees

For almost a year, Hemfrid has run an educational initiative where employees have the opportunity to take an intensive course in Swedish. The language training, which is both industry- and service-oriented, consists of 10 training opportunities and is carried out in collaboration with the training company Swedish for Professionals.

On September 21, the third round of the education started, which has now been developed and is in a basic level and a more advanced level.

-Our ambition with the education is to utilize the full potential we have within the company. We also hope to become more attractive as employers. This gives our employees a good chance to strengthen their professional position, not only at Hemfrid but also in the Swedish labor market in general, says Fia Engström, HR manager at Hemfrid.

Violetta Golanska is one of the participants in this autumn's course. She sees the course as a good opportunity to gain more practical experience of Swedish.

-I have studied SFI for 7 months and it was a bit too short a time. I do not speak much Swedish outside of work, so it feels good to be able to learn more.

-When I finish the course, I hope that I have become better at grammar and that I have learned new words. I'll talk, talk, talk!

For more information contact:

Fia Engström, Human Resources Manager at Hemfrid, 0704 -25 15 79, fia.engstrom@hemfrid.se