Language courses with new digital app

Hemfrid continues its investment in language education together with the education company Swedish for Professionals. This is the third year that the training is being held to strengthen employees' knowledge of the Swedish language. New this year is the teaching app Memrise which helps the course participants to study digitally outside the classroom.

-Jobs and languages in combination are important keys to integration and this initiative gives our employees a good opportunity to strengthen their position in the Swedish labor market. A large proportion of those who work with us are born abroad and very many want to become even better in Swedish, says Maria Andersson, CEO at Hemfrid.

About 120 employees have registered for this spring's training round in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Teachers from Swedish for Professionals lead the courses in Hemfrid's premises and the education, which is both industry- and service-oriented, has a strong focus on improving communication with customers in particular. But also to deal with everyday situations and learn more about Swedish culture.

New this year is that the course participants will have access to the digital teaching app Memrise, which makes it possible to study digitally outside the classroom. Memrise has been developed by researchers in the UK and is based on scientific foundations for more effective learning.

-Our previous language training has been very much appreciated and the demand for joining this year has been huge. It's extra fun that we can now add a smart digital tool that makes it easier and more fun to learn a new language, says Maria Andersson.

The courses are given in three different knowledge levels - beginner, medium and more advanced. The goal is for language initiatives to be further developed in the future.

For more information, please contact:

Frida Koff, Head of Communications and Sustainability Hemfrid, 070-445 37 00,

Read more about Swedish for Professionals here