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CareerAre we each other's perfect match?

Are we each other's perfect match?

What is Match-V?
An occupational psychological test from Assessio. It helps companies define their organizational culture and match it to individuals' values and preferences. You who pass the test will gain an increased understanding of what motivates you and what you need to be happy at work. And in turn, if your values match the prevailing corporate culture at Hemfrid. It is a method of securing a future well-being in the environment you step into.

What does Match-V measure?
Research shows that when people's psychological needs are satisfied, they thrive and perform better at work. Based on the international teroin "self-determination theory", Match-V measures individuals' motivational factors. The test consists of 70 questions and only takes 5-7 minutes to complete. Once you have done the test you will receive a feedback report that you can carry with you in the future.

Your values are important!
It is not just the employer who will find the right employees. You as a candidate should also find the right workplace - and the recruitment process can determine if we are a perfect match. Curious to read more about Match-V at our supplier Assessio? Click here.

How fun! How can I complete the test?
Click here to get to the test! 👍

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