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Anna Almfeldt – "As an intermediary between the Hemfridare and the client, I get the best of both worlds"

Anna Almfeldt works as a staffing manager at Hemfrid. She schedules and plans the assignments, making sure that each Hemfridare has a good work flow and that the client receives the service. Being the head of 44 people is a big responsibility, but Anna thrives:

– There is a lot of variation to this job. No day is like any other. When work starts at half past seven in the morning, I go through the daily schedule to see if someone is sick or needs to take time off for childcare. This often requires rebooking with clients or arranging substitutes. I am the head of 44 employees, which is quite a lot, so staff issues are a big part of my workday.

The staffing manager and the Hemfridare have regular field meetings – in Anna’s case in the Täby region – to evaluate the week. For Anna, this is a way to connect with her team continuously, even though she leads from a distance for the most part.

– My objective is to create the best possible conditions for the Hemfridare to deliver a good customer service. Many Hemfridare have come to Sweden recently and it might be their first job here – for some it can be their first job anywhere. That is why a strong leadership approach is so important. You don’t have to speak perfect Swedish to work here, but you get the opportunity to learn. For example, one of my colleagues is a doctor in his home country. He works here until he has finished his SFI and can validate his degree.

Anna has worked with doctors before, as staffing manager in the healthcare industry. She has now been with Hemfrid for a year.

– My first impression was that Hemfrid was a serious, innovative company that seemed to have a happy office environment. I still believe that. During my three-week introduction, I got to tag along with the Hemfridare on their cleaning assignments. It really taught me a lot – cleaning isn’t at all easy, but requires professionalism, accuracy and great respect for people's homes and lifestyle. It really isn’t the “simple” profession that some would assume. I am very proud of our Hemfridare and the work that they do.

Anna uses Hemfrid’s services in her own home. Apart from easifying her everyday life, it gives her insight from a client’s point of view.

– Even though we have Hemfrid, it is very important to me that my three children still clean and show responsibility at home. That was a bit of a worry at first and I think these issues need to be talked about more. Some people think having help at home once a week is the same as curling your children, but anyone who has a family knows that cleaning up is a daily thing. I see no contradiction in having Hemfrid and at the same time teaching your children how to clean their rooms, pick up their clothes and vacuum clean.

Anna's tip – Why you should apply for a job at Hemfrid:

– You get lots of lovely colleagues and great work variation. Things are never slow and boring here!

Personal facts

Name: Anna Almfeldt

Position at Hemfrid: Staffing Manager

Lives in: Nacka

In her free time: Spending time with family – three children equal a lot of activities. But I also like to take it easy and watch Netflix.

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