Swedish Fika

Swedish Fika is our language café to promote integration and contribute to a more open and inclusive workplace.

Swedish Fika

In mid-October 2019, we invited to our third Swedish Fika event for our customers and Hemfridare. The evening was started by Lingio, the company that develops the language app we are testing in some areas in the spring of 2020. Fantastic food from Yalla Rinkeby was served and the discussions around the tables were lively. Classic "hallongrottor" with coffee afterwards put the finishing touches on.

The evening was very much appreciated, both by our customers and Hemfridare. The customers on site thought it was fun and inspiring to have the opportunity to meet and talk with Hemfridare:

Nice to get the preconceived notions about who cleans in my home totally crushed - what fantastic employees you have!

The best thing about the evening, to get a little glimpse of all the cool women, so strong and determined!

Our Hemfridare appreciated being able to practice their Swedish and to meet customers and colleagues.

We who are new to Sweden must practice Swedish to get into Swedish society. This is a great opportunity to just practice your Swedish.

The customers are so nice and fun to meet more colleagues and get to practice my pronunciation.

Swedish Fika, our language café, is an idea that was developed during a workshop to, in addition to the language teaching that we offer at Hemfrid, provide additional opportunities for language training. Our Hemfridare and customers have the opportunity to meet, socialize and practice the Swedish language together over a coffee or a bite of food. The language café takes place a few times a year at our office in central Stockholm. The next Swedish Fika opportunity will be given at the beginning of 2020.

Language education

At Hemfrid, people with many different backgrounds work and we therefore work actively to find different paths to successful integration and a more open and inclusive labor market. On the initiative of our former CEO Maria Andersson, we have therefore been offering our own educations in Swedish for 4 years. The students have one and the same teacher at each occasion and the lessons are held in our offices on 10 occasions in the autumn and 10 occasions in the spring. Since the start, more than 500 of our employees have completed Swedish education.