How we handle covid-19

Regarding covid-19

Information from Hemfrid

Hemfrid keeps updated on the development of the corona virus (covid-19) and follows the recommendations found on the website of the Public Health Authority and has ongoing contact with our employer organization.

How we handle the Swedish Public Health Agency's new recommendations

We continue to adapt to handle everyday life with covid-19 in the best way and deliver our services safely and securely for both customers and employees. With the Public Health Agency's new recommendations at the end of October, we have taken some extra measures to contribute to reducing the spread of infection, all in all we have done the following;

-Strengthened our hygiene routines and continuously inform our employees with the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations on washing your hands, keeping your distance and staying home if you are ill.

-Distributed hand sanitizer to our employees to bring to work.

-Distributed masks primarily to employees who work at home with risk groups or to customers who want it.

-Put in extra resources to take us to the customer in other ways than by bus and train, and do what we can to reduce the load on public transport. Among other things, we offer car transport to work to a greater extent and have rented bicycles so that our employees can get to the customer in a safe and smooth way.

We work at your home while you work at home

We clean as usual at our customers'! As a preventative measure, we urge our customers to contact us directly if there is a suspicion of an infection or if you have had contact with an infected person. The cleaning session is then re-booked.

If you are not a customer today but want to start weekly cleaning now or forward to contact us here to book over the phone, through a digital visit or a home visit.

Booked cleaning sessions

Many work from home these days or have to be at home with healthy children whose schools are closed and of course it is ok to be at home when your Hemfridare comes to clean.

It is good to know that we can be flexible with the length of the cleaning session and the cleaning day. Get in touch with us and we will help you!

Contact Us

If you have any further questions or concerns, just contact us on 0200 - 11 45 50 and we will help you. We are open Monday to Friday, 8 - 17.

You can also email us at