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It’s not every day you find the effort to clean out the storage, sort old gadgets or do recycling. That’s totally fine. Simply let us collect the stuff for you and together we make a difference for the environment.

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Find Out More About Recycling

We collect most things – from furniture, mattresses, home appliances, garden residues and electric waste to clothes, toys, books and skis. Anything that’s got life left in it, we donate to charity shops.

Some objects, such as paint, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, are classified as hazardous waste, which we are not allowed to pick up. All other debris we sort and leave at a recycling station.

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Why is Hemfrid a Better Choice?

By having collective agreements and liability insurance, we take responsibility for the person performing the job. Today, this service is only available in Stockholm, but we plan to launch it in all cities as soon as possible.

Together, we make a difference!

Why Hemfrid?

  • Liability

    Should an accident occur, Hemfrid has liability insurance and is responsible for any damage caused by our staff. Of course, our employees are also fully insured, both during working hours and to and from work.

  • Fair Working Conditions

    As a Hemfrid client you can feel calm. All our employees have a collective agreement and work under fair conditions.

Time for a simpler everyday life!

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