hållbarhetsrapport 2017

Sustainability report 2017

In 2017, we continued to invest in more sustainable services in the home. Now the second Sustainability Report is published.

-Our whole business concept is about creating a more sustainable everyday life for both customers and employees. Sustainability is an integral part of our business and in our report we tell you about the opportunities and challenges we work with, says Frida Koff Head of Communications and Sustainability Hemfrid.

Important highlights of 2017 were, among other things, the signing of the UN Global Compact and continued investment in integration. During the year, Hemfrid increased the number of language training places for employees together with the training company Swedish for Professionals and has also been part of the School of Business's integration initiative RAMP.

In addition, Hemfrid has had a major focus on becoming more climate smart and reducing the company's negative environmental impact. In 2017, a large part of the car park was replaced by electric hybrids and in just one year, carbon dioxide emissions from own vehicles decreased by 38 percent. For customers, a campaign was also carried out together with Sellpy to make it easier to recycle clothes and give old gadgets a new life.

A prerequisite for succeeding in creating more sustainable services in the future is an increased digitalisation of the business;

-We see that new technology and digital tools can help us with better logistics solutions and new innovative services that can make everyday life even easier, says Maria Andersson CEO Hemfrid.

The Sustainability Report can be read in full below in Swedish.

Hållbarhetsrapport 2017