How RUT works

Prices at are prices after tax deduction. If you purchase Hemfrid household services, you will receive a 50 % tax deduction on the labor cost. This includes half price on cleaning, laundry, ironing, window cleaning, gardening and much more.

Hemfrid administers your tax reduction directly with the Swedish Tax Agency. Smooth and easy for you as a client.

TAX-deduction 2019

From 1 July 2019 the decuction will increase from 25 000 kronor till 50 000 kronor per person/year.

When You Purchase the Service Privately

If you purchase Hemfrid's services privately, you will receive an invoice with two payment options: an amount where the tax deduction is deducted and a full amount. If you have tax reduction left to use, you can pay the lower amount. However, if the space is already used, you should pay the total cost.

The tax deduction from July 2019 will be maximum of SEK 50,000 per person a year, which corresponds to a basis of SEK 100,000. Contact the Swedish Tax Agency for current information on how much you’ve benefited from your tax deduction. Keep in mind that several people (over 18 years of age with taxable income) in a household can share a Hemfrid agreement and distribute the tax deduction as they wish.


The subscription cost for a 4-hour home cleaning every two weeks privately:

  • Cleaning subscription home cleaning (labor cost): SEK 3 900 / month
  • With tax deduction, you pay half: SEK 1 950 / month
  • Service fee (not tax-reduced): SEK 90 / month
  • Total annual cost: SEK 24 480 / year

When You Receive the Service as a Fringe Benefit

If you have household services as a fringe benefit through your employer, you can get Hemfrid's services tax-reduced by 50 %, which means that your fringe benefit is basically a free benefit tax for you as an employee. Your employer sends your tax information to the tax authorities annually, and you simply make the deduction in your declaration. The maximum tax deduction is SEK 25,000 per person a year, which corresponds to a basis of SEK 50,000.


The cost if you have paid home cleaning 4 hours every two weeks as a fringe benefit:

  • Cleaning fee (labor cost): SEK 3 900 / month
  • Service fee (not tax-reduced): SEK 90 / month
  • Total annual cost: SEK 47,880 / year

When you receive the service as a fringe benefit, your employer records the service benefit value in your income statement. You get the tax reduction directly and do not have to spend the money for the preliminary tax for the benefit value.

Read more about the tax deduction on the Swedish Tax Agency's website.

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