Gardening service during your vacation

  • Adapted to your garden
  • Collective agreement
  • Always a fixed price

Enjoy the time off, we'll take care of your garden

With our vacation service, your garden is taken care of and waits for your return. We also go the extra mile and make sure your home looks lived in while you’re away.

How does it work?


    Let us know what you would like help with and we will get back to you with a quote.


    We set the price based on your lawn and garden’s needs and requirements. If necessary, we will come to you for a free visit.

  • Sit back

    Our experienced garden experts will take care of your garden while you are on vacation.

What is included?

  • We mow and water the lawn.
  • We water flower beds and flowerpots.
  • We move objects around to signal that someone is home.

Subject to time

  • We clear weeds.
  • We rake or sweep paths.

Gardening service on subscription?

Absolutely! We can help you with everything from weeding to tree pruning. And we’ll help you as much or as little as you want. Schedule a meeting with us and we’ll get started together.