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We are happy to help you with everything from recurring cleaning to window cleaning and move out cleaning, tailored to your needs and wishes.
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Our cleaning services

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You can feel secure with our staff and the quality of our services. Our team of meticulously selected and trained employees have some of the best conditions in the industry and are as committed as they are skilled.


We tailor our services to you. With access to our extensive range of services, we shape every detail to meet your needs. You can be confident that the outcome will always be as you wish.


Being a customer with us is effortless. Our innovative services, technological solutions, and dedication to accessibility ensure a frictionless and smooth collaboration.

About us
  • Deep cleaning
    ”Professional and friendly staff! Im very happy.”
    Salam, Stockholm
  • Home cleaning
    ”An amazing service! So nice to get some cleaning routines.”
    Birgit, Stockholm

Questions about cleaning services

  • What types of cleaning assignments do you take on?

    We offer home cleaning, deep cleaning, window cleaning, move out cleaning and office cleaning. Office cleaning also includes cleaning of premises, tenant-owner associations, stairwells and shops.

  • How do I book a cleaning appointment?

    Home cleaning - Schedule a intial meeting online and we'll contact you.

    Deep cleaning, move-out cleaning and window cleaning - Book directly online.

    Office cleaning - Fill in the company's information online and get a quote.

    Cleaning in a tenant owners association - Send an email to and get a quote.

    You can also contact us at or call 010-555 85 00 too book our services.

  • In which cities do you clean?

    We clean in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund, Linköping, Norrköping, Uppsala and Västerås and the surrounding area. Some cleaning services are offered in selected locations.

  • How much does cleaning cost?

    Home cleaning: During your start-up meeting, you and our advisor go through your cleaning needs, how often you need cleaning and how many hours per cleaning occasion. Then you get a quote with a price per month for your home cleaning.

    Deep cleaning: Move out cleaning and Window cleaning Fill in your information at the top of each page and you will receive a price directly online.

    Office cleaning: Fill in the company's information at the top of that page and we will contact you with a price proposal.

    Bostadsrättsförening: E-mail and we will return with a quote.

  • Do you provide a guarantee for your cleaning?

    In case you are not satisfied with the results you can feel at ease thanks to Hemfrid's quality guarantee. The guarantee ensures that we will correct anything that you feel unsatisfied with right away.

    Deep cleaning or window cleaning: We leave a two (2) day guarantee after a deep cleaning or a window cleaning.

    Move out cleaning: We leave a five (5) day guarantee after a move out cleaning.

    Home cleaning, office cleaning: Contact us if you're not satisfied with our services and we will try to make it right as soon as possible.

  • Do I get a RUT deduction for cleaning?

    You can get a RUT deduction for cleaning in your private home. Half of the labor cost is deducted directly from the invoice you receive when we have cleaned with you so that you do not have to deal with it with the Swedish Tax Agency.

  • Why should I choose Hemfrid for cleaning?

    When you hire us, you get cleaners who are trained in all aspects of cleaning, they are insured, have a collective agreement and you get a guarantee on the cleaning that has been done.

  • Is cleaning detergent included when I book a cleaning with you?

    Home cleaning: In our weekly cleaning subscriptions you get a starter kit with all cleaning products, rags, mops and mop shafts sent to you. The cleaning products are continuously replenished when they run out.

    Deep cleaning: When you book Deep cleaning, we bring everything we nedd to use. The cost, SEK 25, is added to your invoice after the Deep cleaning.

    Move out cleaning: When our team with Hemfridare move out cleans the home you have left, they bring all the equipment with them, including the cleaning products needed to clean from ceiling to floor. When you receive the invoice, the cost of the cleaning products, SEK 25 is specified.

    Window cleaning: Our window cleaners bring with them the cleaning products they need to clean your windows.