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You can do everything yourself or ask for help. Therefore, there is Hemfrid. We have been cleaning professionals for almost 25 years, we know this - so let us take care of the cleaning!

Weekly cleaning | Deep cleaning | Window cleaning | Move out cleaning | Office cleaning

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Cleaning and window cleaning

  • Weekly cleaning

    Having a cleaning subscription with us means that you get regular cleaning with customized solutions at a fixed monthly cost. In addition, you will have access to all our other RUT services for the home. A subscription with extra everything.

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  • Deep cleaning

    Get clean everywhere, down to the smallest piece of trim. In our Deep cleaning, all rooms are cleaned from floor to ceiling. Our team of Hemfridare put focus on the kitchen and bathroom or where you think it is needed.

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  • Move out cleaning

    Move out cleaning, which includes window and window frame cleaning. We bring all equipment and of course our eco-labeled cleaning material. Always with quality guarantee.

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  • Office cleaning

    Cleaning of offices, workplaces, bostadsrättsförening, commercial spaces and shops. Hemfrid's own eco-labeled and gentle cleaning products are included and we clean according to your needs.

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  • Window cleaning

    Our experienced window cleaners wash your windows spotlessly clean. We include the tools and detergent needed for a shiny result on all sides of the panes. If you wish, we can also offer washing of the window frames.

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Cleaning in your town

Hemfrid has local offices all over Sweden. In each city there are area managers who take overall responsibility for your experience, your bookings and the quality of the execution. With tax reduction and RUT deductions, you pay half the cost of both cleaning and moving services!

  • Stockholm

    In addition to cleaning subscriptions, we can clean windows, mow the lawn and manage your entire move. We have many satisfied customers in both Bromma, Lidingö and Värmdö and services for the entire household. Contact Hemfrid Stockholm today!

  • Gothenburg

    Regardless of whether you live in Mölndal, Hisingen or Västra Frölunda, you can get regular cleaning every week. With a cleaning subscription from Hemfrid you get time for other things. We are your cleaning company in Gothenburg!

  • Malmö

    Home cleaning and moving service with free loan of moving boxes. Hemfrid in Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg offers regular home cleaning and additional services such as move out cleaning and window cleaning. Contact us and we will help you!

  • Uppsala

    Hemfrid is your cleaning company with offices on Stationsgatan in Uppsala. We can facilitate your everyday life with everything from home cleaning, window cleaning, deep cleaning and moving service. Are you looking for a cleaning company in Björklinge or Knivsta? Book cleaning assistance with Hemfrid Uppsala.

  • Västerås

    We clean all types of homes in the area around Mälardalen - whether you live in an apartment, villa, townhouse or on a farm. Let us help you with regular cleaning in Västerås, Örebro and Enköping.

  • Linköping - Norrköping

    Hemfrid is your cleaning company in Linköping and Norrköping. Our subscription for weekly cleaning also includes other RUT services such as deep cleaning, move out cleaning and window cleaning. We are located in both Vikingstad and Ljungsbro.

Why Hemfrid?

  • Trained staff

    Our Hemfridare undergo extensive training with everything from material knowledge and furniture care for the use of cleaning products, clothing care and specialty products.

  • Quality guarantee

    Hemfrid's quality guarantee is there so you can always feel safe with the services you book with us. The guarantee means that we will as soon as possible rectify what may have gone wrong.

  • Liability

    As a customer with us, you are always insured. Should the accident occur, our liability insurance covers any damage to your property caused by our staff.

  • Eco labeled cleaning supplies

    All our cleaning products included in our subscriptions are marked with Bra Miljöval are manufactured in Sweden and the packaging is made of green polythene.

Get started with Weekly cleaning

We help you with regular home cleaning for a simpler everyday life. For best service, we always start with a free start-up meeting by phone, video or home visit to customize the weekly cleaning to your needs.

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