We are here for you - how Hemfrid handles Covid19

For Business

Happy employees equals happy business. Cleaning as a fringe benefit makes everyday life easier and creates a better balance between work and personal time. Also, it will make you a more attractive employer when competing for good staff.


For each employee who receives the service, the company pays a fixed administrative fee and a variable fee for the number of hours. The employee will also be subject to benefit taxation. For company contracts, we always send a quotation.


No matter what services or services your employee chooses, we always have top priority in terms of safety and security. We take great care to recruit the right staff and all employees working at Hemfrid undergo personal interviews and get internships. We have thorough and solid routines for how we handle keys, alarm codes and other personal data.


Want to know more about us and how we can help your business? Welcome to call 0200-11 45 50 or email info@hemfrid.se.

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