Cleaning services for housing cooperative associations.

What is included the cleaning service?

We at Hemfrid make sure that stairwells and common areas are kept clean and cozy. You get regular cleaning help at a fixed price with insurance.

  • General cleaning in stairwells

    • Dust moldings and joinery on all floors
    • Dust and clean the stair railings
    • Vacuum or sweep stairs and all floors
    • Mop floors in the stairs and on all floors
    • Clean lamps if accessible
    • Clean around rubbish chutes and wipe off stains from walls
  • Entrance

    • Dust all surfaces such as mailboxes, radiators, notice boards etc.
    • Clean and polish the entrance door incl. window
    • Vacuum or sweep from the entrance grille and in front of the entrance
    • Vacuum or sweep floors in the entrance
    • Vacuum or shake the entrance mat
    • Mop floor in the entrance
  • Elevator

    • Dust and clean the mirrors and panels in the elevator
    • Wipe handles and stains on elevator doors on all floors
    • Vacuum or sweep floor in the elevator
    • Mop the floor in the elevator
  • Laundry room

    • Dust and remove stains on washing machines, dryers and drying cabinets
    • Clean the sink and wipe other surfaces
    • Empty and wipe lint filter in dryer
    • Empty and replace trash
    • Vacuum or sweep the floor
    • Mop the floor
  • Association premises

    • Dust all open surfaces
    • Vacuum or sweep the floor in the room incl. kitchen and toilet
    • Mop the floors incl. kitchen and toilet
    • Clean all open areas in the kitchen and where there is rubbish
    • Clean sinks, toilets and wipe various containers inside toilets
    • Wipe all tables
    • Empty and replace all bins
  • Additional services

    In addition to ongoing cleaning, we offer our popular additional services.

    Deep cleaning: With a regular Deep cleaning your premises get extra clean. Our team spends extra time and energy on, for example, storage rooms, laundry rooms and other community spaces or where you think it is needed.

    Window cleaning: Let your bostadsrättsförening get the neighborhood's cleanest window, we help you with regular window cleaning. You don't have to think about anything, we bring both utensils and materials.

    General handyman services: We help your brf with handyman assignments, such as mounting mailboxes, frames and technical equipment in the entrance and staircase, as well as smaller carpentry assignments and simpler repairs.

    Gardening services: Let our experienced and skilled gardeners take care of your courtyards, atriums and terraces.

    Do you have other needs? We can take care of your recycling and purchasing of consumables. Tell us what you need help with!

3 steps to a sparkling clean staircase.

Initial meeting

Book a physical or digital initial meeting, and we will help you get started with the cleaning.


Provide: vacuum cleaner or broom and shovel, dustpan and two buckets. We take the rest with us.

Always here for you

As a customer with us, you get a personal contact person and a tailor-made solution that suits your association.

  • ”Our entrance hall are really clean now! Thanks!”
    Beatrice, Stockholm
  • ”We have used Hemfrid for several years, it works flawlessly!”
    Göran, Stockholm

Questions about staircase cleaning

  • What is included in stair cleaning?

    You can see which elements are incluided in stair cleaning here. Of course, we can also adapt the cleaning to your needs and wishes, so tell us what you want to include!

  • Do you only clean stairwells?

    No, we also offer cleaning of bicycle storage, laundry rooms, basements and other association premises. We can also help with, among other things, outdoor sweeping and other types of maintenance.

  • Do you offer other services than cleaning for brf?

    Absolutely! We can help you with deep cleaning, window cleaning, craft services and gardening.*

    *Please note that some of our services are only offered in certain locations.

  • How often do you need to clean a stairwell?

    The need for stair cleaning can vary depending on, for example, how many people move in the stairwell every day or what season it is, as the weather means that you may want cleaning more often during the winter. Contact us and we will set up a plan that suits your needs.

  • In which cities do you offer stair cleaning?

    We offer cleaning for tenant-owner associations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala and Västerås.