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What does our gardening service include?

Lawn mowing, flowerbed clearing, leaf raking, and fruit tree pruning? We assist you whether it's for individual tasks or a subscription for the entire season.

  • Tree pruning

    We prune apple trees and other fruit trees. Pruning fruit trees improves the conditions for trees to thrive for generations. For those who are not used to tree pruning, it can be difficult to know which branches need to be cut, which is why we make sure that the team that comes to you has the right skills and training.

  • Hedge trimming

    We trim hedges, bushes and roses. We make sure that the team that comes to you has the right training and skills for this.

  • Lawn care

    We cut, fertilize, eradicate moss, verticut, top dress and maintain lawns.

  • Weed control

    We remove weeds from lawns and flower beds.

  • Irrigation

    We water flower beds, flowerpots and lawns.

  • Miscellaneous

    We can dig out garden plots, rake leaves and do other cleaning jobs.

    And we can also help you with non RUT-eligible work such as:

    • planting flowers, hedges, plants and trees.
    • picking fruit from trees.
    • removing lawn and garden waste.

    If you have any other requests that you would like us to help you with, please let us know when scheduling.

3 steps to a well-maintained garden.

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Let us know what you would like help with and we will get back to you with a quote.

Maintenance plan

Together, we will agree on a maintenance plan and schedule, so that we can best satisfy your wishes.

Enjoy your garden

Sit back, our experienced garden experts will take good care of your yard – big or small!

  • Gardening Service
    ”We warmly recommend you to friends and acquaintances.”
  • Gardening Service
    ”They were professional, friendly, patient, educational and creative. The garden got a real boost and we would not hesitate to hire Hemfrid again.”
    Maria and Hans
  • Gardening Service
    ”I received a very professional treatment and good advice, the execution and service on site exceeded my expectations.”

Questions about gardening service

  • What garden services do you provide?

    We provide several different types of services within garden assistance. We can, for example, help with lawn mowing, tree pruning and weeding. We perform both one-time services, routine maintenance and holiday services. We have the ability to construct smaller plantations that do not require machines. We also have the ability to purchase flowers and plants for you.

    Most of the elements are RUT-eligible and those that are not are hightlighted on our gardening page. We bring our own tools and appliances, but you need to supply a water hose if you want us to water your garden. You can find further information about our gardening services here.

  • In which cities do you offer gardening services?

    At the moment we offer gardening services in Stockholm and the surrounding area. If you enter your postcode in the box at the top of the page, you can see if we offer gardening services where you live.

  • Are your gardeners trained?

    All our gardeners are educated and our garden staff of course have certificates for heavy machinery.

  • Do you bring you own tools and appliences?

    Yes, we bring everything like lawn mowers, ladders, tools, manure or bags with us. If you want us to water your garden you need to supply a water hose and access to water.

  • Do you come for a visit before you present a price proposal?

    Of course, if the assignment requires a customer visit, we will come out and take a look. However, most of the time, a description and a picture will be sufficient for us to get back to you with a price proposal.

  • What happens if I'm not happy with the results?

    As a customer you always have a guarantee on any work performed. If you're not satisfied with the results, contact us at or call our customer service at 010-555 85 00.