Hemfrid i Sverige AB, org. No. 556529-8444 ("Hemfrid") uses cookies on this website. Hemfrid cannot identify you through these cookies.

In order for you to feel safe about how Hemfrid uses cookies, we want to explain through this policy what cookies are, what types of cookies Hemfrid uses on its website and how you can influence how Hemfrid uses cookies.

Hemfrid follows the National Post and Telecom Agency's and IAB Sweden's recommendations for the use of cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that the site stores on your computer, mobile, tablet or other device that you use. When we refer to "cookies" in this cookie policy, other technologies and tools that collect and store information on your computer, mobile, tablet or other device that you use are also covered.

As a result, Hemfrid uses three categories of cookies.

  • Necessary cookies
  • Cookies for function & analysis
  • Cookies for marketing

In all categories there are cookies which means that data is shared with third parties. In the attached link you can see a table showing which category each cookie belongs to, for what purposes it is used and for how long it is active, see link.

Types of cookies

Required cookies

Necessary cookies are used for the website to function properly and securely. These cookies are used, for example, to.

  • We store information such as postal code and square meter to present you prices and offers.
  • Promotional codes to apply to discounts for you in booking feeds.

Because these cookies are necessary for the site to work, you cannot turn them off.

Function & Analysis Cookies

Cookies used for function & analysis are used to remember the settings and choices that you have previously made on Hemfrid's website. These cookies also give Hemfrid information about how the site is used and an opportunity for Hemfrid to improve your user experience.

Cookies for marketing

Cookies for marketing are used to track which other websites visitors have visited before and after they have visited Hemfrid's website, for example to re-advertise to visitors and potential customers who have shown interest in our services.

Why does Hemfrid use cookies?

Hemfrid uses cookies to improve your user experience. Furthermore, Hemfrid collects information about you who visit our website. By using cookies, Hemfrid can improve your user experience. Hemfrid collects information about you browsing our website through several types of cookies or info collectors.

Do you agree that we use cookies?

You agree that Hemfrid stores cookies on your computer, mobile, tablet or other device that you use when you visit our website.

However, some cookies are necessary for the Hemfrid website to work. These cookies may be used by Hemfrid without your consent as they are necessary for the functioning of the website you have chosen to visit.

If you do not allow Hemfrid to use cookies in the manner set out in this policy, or if you have previously approved our use but have now changed your mind, you can return to your cookie settings at any time and change your choices. You may also need to change the settings in your browser and manually delete cookies to clear your device from previously placed cookies.

Manage the use of your cookies:

You have the option to change your browser settings to limit which cookies can be used. These settings are usually found under "Options" or "Settings" in the menu of your browser.

You can find more information here, or in the Help menu of your browser:

Internet Explorer




If necessary, Hemfrid may change this policy. In case the change needs your consent, you will be asked for this the next time you visit Hemfrid's website.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions about this information or want to know more about how Hemfrid uses cookies, you are always welcome to contact us via [email protected] or by phone 0200-11 45 50. You can also read more at PTS (Post- och Telestyrelsen) website,

This cookie policy was last updated on 2019-12-04.

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