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Office cleaning

Office Cleaning

Get help from Hemfrid for office and corporate cleaning! We offer cleaning services for your workplace, tenant-owner association and other premises. We provide customized solutions for a clean and pleasant environment, according to your needs. We clean with the same care and accuracy as when cleaning a home.

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Here’s How It Works

With Hemfrid you get a clean and pleasant environment for everyone in it. You get a personal contact with us at Hemfrid who together with our trained staff deliver cleaning with high quality, continuity and flexibility. In addition, Hemfrid's Swedish-made and ecolabelled cleaning products are always included.

Book a free visit and we will tell you more about our offer and how we can arrange the cleaning with you.

Cleaning materials

We bring the needed cleaning material and it is included in the price. Consumable materials such as soap, toilet paper etc. can be ordered from us at Hemfrid if you wish, just say we will fix.


Prices presented are exclusive of Moms.

Hemfrid Additional Services

In addition to the ongoing cleaning, we offer additional services to the office, the workplace, the housing association and other premises.

Deep cleaning With a regular Deep cleaning you get extra clean in your premises. Our team spends extra time and energy on, for example, kitchens, toilets, laundry rooms or where you think it is needed.

Fönsterputs Clean windows give a professional impression and we assist you with regular window cleaning. We bring all the utensils and cleaning products needed which are included in the service.

Handyman service With our Handyman service, we help you assembling office furniture, setting up paintings, shelves, curtains and technical equipment and with smaller carpentry assignments. Describe what you need help with and we will bring with you the necessary equipment.

Do you have any other needs? We can take care of your recycling, take care of your consumables, arrange fruit baskets, supply you with entrance mats and much more. Tell us what would make it easier for you and we will solve it!

Tasks included in Hemfrid's Office cleaning

Normally we perform the tasks below when we clean offices and other premises. However, our starting point are your needs and together with us at Hemfrid you decide which rooms should be included and what should be done, which is also documented in your cleaning description.

  • Tasks we perform in all rooms

    • Vacuum floors, moldings, electrical outlets, radiators, carpets and upholstered furniture
    • Dust furniture such as bookshelves, shelves, tables, sideboards and open shelves where we have access without a ladder
    • Wipe stains on doors and frames, dust window sills and free surfaces
    • Polishe mirrors
    • Clean white boards when agreed
    • Wet mops all floors or by agreement
    • Empty trash
    • Dust lampshades in height that we reach without a ladder, eg table lamps, reading lamps, desk lamps
    • Dust picture frames and above on cabinets that we reach without a ladder
  • Kitchen

    • Wipe away stains on kitchen doors, tables and chairs, fans and on the outside of other appliances
    • Clean sink and kitchen counter, clean faucet, stove and tile wall
    • Clean the outside and inside of cabinets where there are rubbish bins
    • Clean the outside and inside of the microwave
  • Bathroom

    • Clean bath/shower, sink, faucet and toilet
    • Wipe stains on bathroom cabinets and appliances
    • Wipe stains from walls
    • Polish mirrors

Frequently asked questions about Hemfrid's Office cleaning

Here we have collected frequently asked questions and answers about Hemfrid's Office cleaning, booking, agreement and price suggestion, safety and security and general questions.

  • General questions
  • Booking, price suggestion and agreement
  • Safety and security
  • In which cities do you offer office cleaning?

    We clean offices and other workplaces in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala and Västerås.

  • Do you only clean offices?

    No, we clean workplaces, premises, bostdsrättsföreningar, stairwells and shops as well!

  • What is included in office cleaning?

    See which tasks are included in an office cleaning here. However, we adapt to your needs and wishes, so tell us what you want to include!

  • Do you offer services other than cleaning?

    Absolutely! We can help you with Window cleaning, Deep cleaning, General handman services, Recycling, Gardening and Office moving. Some services are available in selected locations.

  • How often do you need to clean an office?

    Most of our office customers have cleaning once a week, but we start out from your needs, spaces and number of employees when we clean with you.

  • What hours do you clean?

    We adapt to your needs and can clean in the mornings, during day time, in the evenings and on weekends. Tell us what your needs are and we will solve it in the best way for you.

  • Do you clean on "red" calendar days?

    We do not clean on red calendar days.

  • Do you sell consumables?

    We are happy to help you with the purchase of consumables such as dishwasher tablets, toilet paper and the like if you wish.

  • Do you sell cleaning products?

    Our own eco-labeled cleaning products used by our Hemfridare are included in the price price suggestion that you receive from us. These are continuously replenished by your Hemfridare when they run out.

    If you want to supplement with so-called surface disinfection, we can provide it at an extra cost.

    Our own eco-labeled cleaning products and hand soaps are also available at Apotea, but we can of course help with ordering these if you want more than what is included in the office cleaning subscription.

  • How much does office cleaning cost?

    Fill in the information at the top of Office Cleaning and we will get in touch and book a visit. During the visit, we look at the premises and listen to your wishes about the cleaning. Then you get a price suggestion based on the needs and wishes you have.

  • How do we request a quote from you?

    At the top of the page Office cleaning there is a form that you fill in. We contact you and book a visit to your premises to see the spaces and to go through when and how often you need cleaning and what tasks should be included. Then you will receive price suggestion from us. You can of course also e-mail or call 0200-11 45 50 to book the visit!

  • Do you come out and have a look before you submit a price suggestion?

    Yes, we book a visit to your office or premises and then produce a price suggestion based on your needs and wishes as well as the premises.

  • How do we sign an agreement with you?

    When you have filled in the information at Office cleaning, we get in touch and book a start-up meeting where we go through your wishes and needs. Then you get a price suggestion and we are ready to sign an agreement with you.

  • How long are the notice period on your agreements?

    Our agreements are ongoing and therefore there will be at most one month's notice.

  • How fast can we get started?

    We can start your cleaning two weeks after the approved price suggestion.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    When you cancel the cleaning session 5 working days before the scheduled time, you avoid the cancellation fee.

  • Can companies make RUT deductions?

    Only private individuals can make RUT deductions, so this does not apply to office cleaning or cleaning of companies.

  • Are you insured if something happens when cleaning?

    Of course we are insured! We have insurance of up to SEK 10 million with Länsförsäkringar so that you can feel safe when you sign an agreement with us.

  • How are our keys handled by you?

    When we enter into agreements with each other, we sign for the keys needed to be able to clean your premises.

  • Do your cleaners have a confidentiality agreement?

    Of course, all our employees have a duty of confidentiality.

  • What are your guarantees?

    It is important to us that you are satisfied with the cleaning of your office or premises and we take action quickly if there is an issue during one of the cleaning sessions.

  • Are your cleaners trained?

    All our Hemfridare have a solid education with everything from material knowledge to cleaning products and special products.

  • Do we get the same cleaner every time?

    Yes, it is the same person who cleans every time and when needed, for example during a holiday or illness, someone from our cleaning team comes out. Everyone in our cleaning team has the same education as our regular Hemfridare. They see your cleaning instructions so that you get the corresponding quality and delivery.

  • Do you use disinfectants when cleaning?

    We offer disinfectants at an additional cost.

Why Hemfrid?

  • Educated staff

    Our staff are trained, have permanent employment and are covered by collective agreements.

  • Liability

    Should an accident occur, Hemfrid has liability insurance and is responsible for any damage caused by our staff. Of course, our employees are also fully insured, both during working hours and to and from work.

  • Cleaning materials included

    The products we use are environmentally friendly.

  • Guaranteed quality

    The guarantee means that we fix what you are not satisfied with right away.

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