Everything for your office.

We are happy to help you with everything from recurring cleaning to easier handy work and relocation, tailored to your needs and wishes.

How can we assist you in the office?

We are happy to help you with everything from recurring cleaning to easier handy work and relocation, so you can focus on what you are good at.

  • Office cleaning

    We can help you with recurring cleaning that keeps your workplace representative and inspiring. We adapt to your needs and can clean mornings, days, evenings and weekends.

  • Deep cleaning

    With a deep cleaning, you get extra cleaning on your premises. Our team spends extra time and energy on, for example, kitchens, toilets, or wherever you think it is needed.

  • Window cleaning

    Clean windows give a professional impression, and we can assist with regular window cleaning. We bring all the tools and the cleaning agent needed to make your windows sparkling clean.

  • General handyman

    With our handyman service, we relieve you of assembling office furniture, putting up boards, shelves, curtains, technical equipment, and smaller carpentry tasks. Describe what you need help with, and we will bring the necessary equipment.

  • Moving service

    No matter what kind of move you are facing, it usually takes a lot of time, which is why we are here to help you. Instead of carrying furniture, you can focus on what you do best.

    We help both the smaller company and the larger company. In addition to the actual moving assistance, we can assemble and recycle old office furniture. The important thing for us is that the move does not affect your daily activity. Therefore, coordination and experience are essential to us.

  • Partners

    In addition to the services at Hemfrid, we also offer floor care, food delivery, and consumables via our partners.

3 steps to a sparkling clean office.

Initial meeting

We start with a physical or digital initial meeting, after which we draw up a price proposal based on your wishes.

Personal contact

You will have your own contact person and Hemfridare, who will work together to provide high quality cleaning and consistency.

Enjoy your clean office

Our locally produced and eco-labelled cleaning products are always included. These are continuously refilled by your Hemfridare.

  • Office cleaning
    ”Professional help!”
    Johan, Stockholm

Questions about office cleaning

  • What is included in a office cleaning?

    In our office cleaning, we include the following:

    General tasks in all rooms

    • Dusts all accessible surfaces such as desks, table lamps, fixtures, shelves, windowsills, etc.
    • Vacuums floors, skirting boards, electrical outlets, and carpets.
    • Mops all hard floors.
    • Empties wastebaskets.
    • Removes stains on doors, glass partitions, and whiteboards.
    • Cleans mirrors.
    • Arranges chairs in meeting rooms and at desks, wipes them if necessary.


    • Dusts and cleans all open surfaces.
    • Removes stains on kitchen doors, tables, chairs, and other appliances on the outside.
    • Cleans inside and outside where garbage bins are located.
    • Cleans inside and outside the microwave oven.
    • Cleans the coffee machine/automat.
    • Starts/empties the dishwasher or washes the existing dishes.
    • Refills hand soap, dish soap, and paper towels.
    • Replaces dishcloth and dish brush if necessary.
    • Empties and disposes of trash.
    • Vacuums and mops the floor.


    • Dusts and cleans hooks, holders, and bathroom cabinets.
    • Cleans washbasins, faucets, toilets, and showers if present.
    • Wipes washing machines and dryers.
    • Cleans mirrors.
    • Empties wastebaskets.
    • Refills hand soap, toilet paper, and paper towels.
    • Vacuums and mops the floor.

    Cleaning materials We bring mops, cloths, and eco-labeled cleaning products used, and it is included in the price. We ask you to provide:

    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Duster
    • Cleaning cart/Buckets

    If you wish us to purchase the above-listed materials, we can of course assist you with that. Regarding consumables, you can also order from us at Hemfrid, just let us know and we'll arrange it. For example, we can offer the following:

    • Paper towels/Paper rolls
    • Toilet paper
    • Garbage bags/Wastebasket bags
    • Dishwasher tablets
    • Vacuum cleaner bags
    • Special agents for floors, disinfection, etc.

    Of course, we tailor our assignments according to your wishes and needs and can help with more tasks than these.

  • What hours do you clean?

    We adapt to your needs and can clean at the most suitable time for you. Tell us your needs are and we will solve it in the best way for you.

  • Are you insured if something happens when cleaning?

    Of course, we are insured! Our employees and your belongings are fully ensured when we are at your office, so you can feel safe when you sign an agreement with us.

  • What are your guarantees?

    We always strive for your satisfaction with our services, and therefore offer a quality guarantee on all our services. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, we will address the issue, ensuring that you can feel confident that everything will be as you wish.