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What is included in office cleaning?

Obviously, it’s stressful to make time to clean up the office, and dust kitties aren't great colleagues. We are happy to help you with office cleaning, so you can focus on what you are good at.

  • General cleaning in all rooms

    • Dusting all accessible surfaces such as office areas, table lamps, mountings, shelves, window sills, etc.
    • Vacuuming floors, moldings, electrical outlets and rugs.
    • Mopping all hard floors.
    • Emptying trash containers.
    • Removing stains on doors, glass sections and whiteboards.
    • Cleaning mirrors.
    • Setting up chairs in meeting rooms and office spaces, wiping down if necessary.
  • Kitchen

    • Dusting and cleaning all open surfaces.
    • Removing stains on kitchen doors, tables, chairs and the outside of other appliances.
    • Cleaning in and around where the waste container is located.
    • Cleaning the inside and outside of microwave ovens.
    • Cleaning the coffee machine/vending machine.
    • Starting/emptying dishwasher or washing the dishes.
    • Refilling hand soap, dishwashing detergent and paper towels.
    • Replacing dishcloths and scrubbing implements if necessary.
    • Emptying and disposing of trash.
    • Vacuuming and mopping the floor.
  • Bathrooms

    • Dusting and cleaning hangers, holders and bathroom cabinets.
    • Cleaning sinks, faucets, toilets and showers, if there are any.
    • Wiping down washing machine and dryer.
    • Cleaning mirrors.
    • Emptying trash containers.
    • Refilling hand soap, toilet paper and paper towels.
    • Vacuuming and mopping the floor.
  • Cleaning materials

    We bring the mops, cloths and eco-labelled cleaning agents that we use, and this is included in the price. Please provide:

    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Duster
    • Cleaning cart/Buckets

    If you would like us to purchase the materials listed above, we can of course help you with this. Regarding consumables, you can also order from us at Hemfrid, just let us know and we’ll sort it out. For example, we can offer the following:

    • Paper towels/Paper rolls
    • Toilet paper
    • Garbage bags/Waste paper basket bags
    • Dishwasher pods
    • Vacuum cleaner bags
    • Special cleaning products for e.g. floors, disinfection.
  • Our additional services

    In addition to our regular cleaning, we offer additional services for your office, workplace and other areas.

    General cleaning

    With a recurring general cleaning, you get your premises extra clean. Our team invests extra time and energy in kitchens, toilets, or wherever you think it is needed.

    Window cleaning

    Clean windows give a professional impression and we can help you with regular Window Cleaning. We bring all the necessary tools and cleaning products with us, which are included in the service.

    Help with crafts

    With our Simple Crafts service, we take the strain off you by assembling office furniture, putting up pictures, shelves, curtains and technical equipment, and performing small carpentry jobs. Describe what you need help with and we’ll bring the equipment needed with us.

    Do you have other needs?

    We can take care of your recycling, purchase your consumables, arrange fruit baskets, provide you with entry rugs and much more. Let us know what would make life easier for you and we’ll solve it!

How does it work?

  • Initial meeting

    We start with a physical or digital initial meeting, after which we draw up a price proposal based on your wishes.

  • Personal contact

    You will have your own contact person and Hemfridare, who will work together to provide high quality cleaning and consistency.

  • Clean & Ready!

    Our locally produced and eco-labelled cleaning products are always included. These are continuously refilled by your Hemfridare.

FAQ about office cleaning

Booking and prices
  • Booking and prices
  • Common questions
  • Safety and security
  • What is included in a office cleaning?

    See which tasks are included in an office cleaning here. However, we adapt to your needs and wishes, so tell us what you want to include!

  • What hours do you clean?

    We adapt to your needs and can clean in the mornings, during day time, in the evenings and on weekends. Tell us what your needs are and we will solve it in the best way for you.

  • Are you insured if something happens when cleaning?

    Of course we are insured! We have insurance of up to SEK 10 million with Länsförsäkringar so that you can feel safe when you sign an agreement with us.

  • Do we get the same cleaner every time?

    Yes, it is the same person who cleans every time and when needed, for example during a holiday or illness, someone from our cleaning team comes out. Everyone in our cleaning team has the same education as our regular Hemfridare. They see your cleaning instructions so that you get the corresponding quality and delivery.

  • What are your guarantees?

    It is important to us that you are satisfied with the cleaning of your office or premises and we take action quickly if there is an issue during one of the cleaning sessions.

  • Office cleaning
    ”Very good and professional help!”
    Johan, Stockholm

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We help you with the whole move. From cleaning, packing and moving.

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