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"The bickering stopped straight away"

Weekends spent grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking instead of hanging out and relaxing were for a long time the reality for Gisela Franzén and her family.

The cleaning always felt like a chore when it was the weekend, because that was when we had time left to clean.

Gisela lives with her husband, daughter and labrador in a terraced house just south of Stockholm's inner city. Gisela says that after a Christmas Eve she had had enough and felt that she could not clean up one more time.

I felt, I can't take it anymore. In addition, it was winter and our dog sheds a lot during this period and pulls sand and gravel into the house. I was also tired of arguing and nagging family members about cleaning.

More time to socialize

Gisela got a tip about Hemfrid when she started looking for companies that could help with home cleaning.

It was important for us to hire a company who was serious, professional and had good conditions for their employees. And Hemfrid met all the requirements.

Gisela quickly noticed a big change at home. Apart from the fact that it was clean and tidy when she came home from work, the family now had more time to socialize.

The bickering at home disappeared straight away and also the stress. We started spending the weekends hanging out, taking long walks with the dog together and doing things. Even though we hung out before, this felt like a whole new level.

Smooth contact in the app

Gisela can easily keep track of cleaning times, invoices and who performs the cleaning, directly in her phone.

When my daughter went to school, I could easily change times and days for cleaning directly in the app when, for example, it was a school holiday and she was home. So she didn't have to be woken up early in the morning by the cleaning.

Usually it is the same person who comes home to Gisela and does the cleaning. But should something change, she gets immediate information about it.

Like everyone else, the person who cleans with us has a holiday sometimes, but it feels good that I can immediately see who is coming instead.

Gisela also says that it feels safe to have the same contact person at Hemfrid who she can reach with questions.

It feels good to have a number I can call and I know who is answering, that person knows who I am and what needs I have when it comes to cleaning.