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Being a customer

What does a home cleaning subscription mean?

A home cleaning subscription means that we clean your home regularly during weekdays at 08:00–17:00. Rebooking is possible five working days in advance. Your rebooked service is saved in an hour bank with a limit of three saved occasions.

How do I become a client?

If you are interested in our subscription services, book your customer visit directly on the website or call us on: 0200–11 45 50. Subscription services start with a free home visit where we go through your requests and tell you more about how Hemfrid operates.

How quickly do we get started?

We aim to perform our first cleaning as quickly as possible, within one or two weeks – or when you desire.

What do I need to think about before the cleaning?

Nothing. We can also put everything in its place if you wish.

Will the same person come every time?

Hemfrid’s objective is continuity. As a client, you will have the same staff on the same weekday and time for the service. During vacation or illness, you will receive a substitute who has undergone the same recruitment and training as the regular staff.

How do I hire you for continuous child care?

A child care assignment starts with a telephone conversation where we go through your family's needs and wishes. Hemfrid then presents a suitable candidate that your family gets to meet before the assignment begins.

What if I am not satisfied with the service?

Our services come with a quality guarantee. If, for some reason, you do not think the performance live up to our agreement, we will try to make it right. After each cleaning occasion, you can give feedback on the performance using Hemfrids App.

What requirements does Hemfrid have on the staff?

All our staff has undergone internal introduction and training before handling their own assignments. It is also obligatory to wear Hemfrid's work uniforms.

How does Hemfrid work with security?

When hiring, we request excerpts from the police tax register and all our employees sign a confidentiality agreement. Hemfrid has well-developed routines for managing keys, alarms and other sensitive client information.

What if someone gets injured at work?

The staff is insured during working hours and on the way to and from work.

What happens if something breaks?

Hemfrid has insurance that covers any damage to property caused by our personnel.

How does the tax reduction work?

At the time of purchase, you pay 50 % of the labor cost. Hemfrid administers your tax reduction with the Swedish Tax Agency.

How do I pay?

By monthly invoicing in arrears. Our payment terms are 20 days from the invoice date.

Do you make a home visit beforehand?

We will not pay you a visit beforehand for one-off assignments.

What is included in a deep cleaning?

Hemfrid has listed certain elements that are included in a house cleaning. If you feel something is missing, or if you want to prioritize certain elements, we can arrange it. The number of hours for house cleaning depends on the size and characteristics of your home and the amount of work required. Read more here and book your deep cleaning directly on the webb.

What is included in a removal cleaning?

Hemfrid’s removal cleaning is extensive, and window cleaning is always included.

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