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Our skilled and experienced gardeners help you with your garden. With the ongoing Gardening service, Spring Cleaning and Fall cleaning packages, your garden will look beautiful throughout the garden season.

With the Vacation package you can safely leave and we will take care of the garden when you are away. Of course, you can also book individual gardening services.

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Hemfrid's Gardening Services

Small garden? Large park-like garden? At Hemfrid we offer a wide range of garden services for all types of gardens.

Our skilled experienced gardeners help you with everything from ongoing maintenance such as mowing, hedging, weeding and grubbing to specialist services such as cutting of roses and shrubs as well as pruning of apple trees and other fruit trees. Always at a fixed price.

Hemfrid's Gardening is offered in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg and Lund with surrounding areas__.

Psst! You can use your RUT- and ROT deduction for almost all gardening.

Ongoing gardening

  • About the service

    Let us take care of your garden throughout the garden season so you can spend time enjoying it.

    We offer Ongoing gardening during the spring/summer/fall season. Choose each or every other week. We will agree on the number of hours and requests in addition to the package after our initial visit.

  • Hemfrid's ongoing gardening includes to

    • weed
    • mow, rake, edge cut, fertilize and moss fight the lawn
    • water the lawn, flower beds and flower pots
    • clean, rake and sweep walkways
    • cut roses, hedges and bushes
    • prune and care for apple trees and other fruit trees
    • pick fruit from trees

Spring cleaning

Book a spring cleaning of your garden and get a good start to the gardening season! Our spring cleaning includes the basic and most saught after services and you can also add our additional services.

Tell us what you need help with to get your plot nice for the garden season. Book a free home visit and we will return with a free price suggestion!

  • Spring cleaning includes

    • clear the site from leaves, debris and loose objects
    • clear weeds in all flower beds
    • cut down dry, withered bushes and plants
    • rake, mow, fertilize and take car of moss in the lawn
    • clean, rake and sweep walk ways
    • collect all garden waste
  • Additional services

    • Pruning of trees and shrubs
    • Excavation of garden land and setting up of flower beds
    • Disposal of garden waste

Fall cleaning

Book a Fall cleaning of your garden!

  • Fall cleaning includes

    • clean the site from leaves, debris and loose objects
    • clear the flowerbeds from weeds
    • rake, mow, manure and reduce moss in lawn
    • clean, rake or sweep walkways
    • collect garden waste for disposal
  • Additional services

    • Pruning of trees and shrubs
    • Excavation of garden land and construction of flowerbeds
    • Disposal of garden waste

    Let Hemfrid take care of your garden!


Vacation package

Book the Vacation package, the safe option so you can enjoy your vacation!

  • We take care of your garden during your vaction!

    You book the vacation package to keep your garden well maintained and nice when you yourself are not able to take care of it or are away during your holiday. The garden is taken care of and waiting for you to come back. We also do the little extras and make sure your home looks inhabited even if you are not home.

  • Vacation package includes

    • mowing the lawn
    • to clear weeds
    • watering the lawn, discounts and flower pots
    • raking or sweeping aisles
    • to move objects to signal that someone is home

Single garden services

  • In addition to our gardening packages, you can of course book single garden services as needed.

  • We help you with

    • cut hedges, shrubs and roses
    • prune apple trees and other fruit trees
    • mowing, watering, fertilizing and remove moss in lawns
    • clear weeds in lawns and flowerbeds
    • watering and fertilizing flowerbeds
    • rake leaves and other clean up
    • digging vetetable patches
    • replanting flowers, hedges, plants and trees
    • picking fruit from trees
    • throw away garden waste
    • In consultation with our gardener, we help you with planning and drawing flowerbeds and entire gardens. If you need to buy plants and help with planting, we will help you with that too.


  • About the service

    Tree pruning improves the conditions for the tree to enable it to live on for several generations. We help you keep the tree healthy by dealing with weak and damaged parts, as well as creating a balance between old and new branches. For those who are not used to tree pruning, it can be difficult to know which branches to remove, so we make sure that we offer experienced pruners.

  • At Hemfrid we care about your fruit trees

    Pruning during spring and winter is recommended first and foremost for apple and pear trees where you want more growth. An example of this is old fruit trees that need stimulation. Plums and cherry trees do not like to be pruned during this period as they may have difficulty healing and will bleed sap.

    During the summer, we leave the trees so they get a break and can focus on growth and fruiting.

    JAS pruning is good for other fruit tree pruning. Then you can remove unwanted branches and water shoots. However, the JAS period extends beyond just September until the temperature and weather have changed drastically in recent years. Fruit trees can be pruned as late as early as November.

How much does it cost?

Contact Us! Together we agree on the maintenance plan and the time required. We make a free home visit and then come back with a free price suggestion.

Price example The price varies depending on the choice of season packages, needs and plot size. For example, if you have a garden up to 600 sqm, the estimated cost is approx. SEK 1300 to SEK 2600 after the RUT deduction. if you have a larger garden, from about 600-3000 sqm the estimated cost is from approx. SEK 2600 to SEK 8000 after the RUT deduction.


Garadening and tax reduction

If you purchase Hemfrid gardening services, you will receive a 50 % tax deduction on the labor cost.

Why Hemfrid?

  • Liability

    Should something happen, our liability insurance covers all possible damages.