10 tips for the garden before winter

When we put on the thick sweaters and enjoy the warmth inside, the garden also enjoys being cared for cared for before hibernating in winter.

1. Outdoor furniture

Wipe your outdoor furniture and store it sheltered under a roof during the winter months so they are ready when the spring sun looks ahead again.

2. Flower beds

Remove wet withered leaves from the perennial flower beds. Dry leaves, on the other hand, can remain and insulate the flower bed during the winter.

3. The lawn

Rake the lawn after the most intense falling of the leaves from the trees. If a few scatter on the lawn after that, they can easily remain. The worms become full and happy and help to loosen the soil.

4. Leaves

Feel free to leave some piles of leaves in the autumn so that the hedgehogs get nice winter homes when it's time to hibernate.

5. Delicate plants

Protect fragile plants from the coming spring sun with burlap or pine branches already in the autumn so you do not get unwanted surprises come spring.

6. Ornamental grasses

Leave ornamental grasses untouched in winter. Wait until spring to cut them down so that water in the straws does not burst the plants. In addition, they are beautiful when the frost gets to them. Win win!

7. Spring bulbs

Get spring color by planting spring bulbs in autumn. Until the frost goes into the soil, you can plant for example tulips and daffodils.

8. Garlic

Look forward to home-grown garlic for cooking next summer by planting garlic in the autumn!

9. Dahlias

If you have dahlias, dig up the tubers before the first frost or just after the first one and store them indoors, for example in the cellar until next season.

10. Entrance

Decorate your entrance for autumn with a frost-proof pot, beautiful cabbage, pumpkins and heather and enjoy it every day when you get home.

You can do everything yourself. Or you ask for help. At Hemfrid, we have skilled and experienced gardeners who not only take care of the ongoing maintenance, but also help you create the garden of your dreams of year round.

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