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General Handyman

Do you also think it´s a bit frustrating with all the "small projects" at home that never are finished? Our Handymen will help you out!

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Help with simpler handyman services?

We can help you with most things, such as assembling furniture, hanging shelves and paintings, putting up curtains or drilling that hole to get the new lamp up. There are often a lot of unfinished home fixes that does not get sorted out, but keeps reminding you every time you come home. That is why we are prepared with our handyman service that does not have to be so complicated. On the contrary! You decide what to check off on your to-do list.

You can get RUT tax reduction for General Handyman services

Below you see some examples of assignments we perform within General Handyman Services and whether these give RUT deductions (50%). The tax reduction is administered by us at Hemfrid when you receive the invoice, all to make it easy for you.

  • RUT-eligible services we offer

    • Put up curtain rail and curtain rods
    • Assemble/disassemble furniture
    • Put up hooks, shelves, paintings, TVs
    • Move, assemble and disassemble furniture and movables
    • Put up and take down curtain rods, lamps, shelves and TVs
    • Put out and put away garden furniture, trampolines, movable pavilions, inflatable pools and such
  • More information

    Read more att (in Swedish) if you are unsure whether the work entitles you to a ROT deduction or RUT deduction.

Why Hemfrid?

  • Liability

    Should an accident occur, Hemfrid has liability insurance and is responsible for any damage caused by our staff. Of course, our employees are also fully insured, both during working hours and to and from work.

  • Guaranteed quality

    The guarantee means that we fix what you are not satisfied with right away.

  • Fair Working Conditions

    As a Hemfrid client you can feel calm. All our employees have a collective agreement and work under fair conditions.

Time for a simpler everyday life!

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