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General Handyman

Do you also think it´s a bit frustrating with all the "small projects" at home that never are finished? Our Handymen will help you out!

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You can feel confident that our experienced and committed employees take care of you in a safe and secure way. You specify your family’s needs and wishes, and we customize our service based on it. Perhaps you need help .......

How to Become a Client

Before you become a client, we absorb and specify your family’s unique needs. We then find suitable candidates for the assignment that you get to sit down with face to face. Only when you’ve decided on a suitable candidate, we begin the service according to the agreed hours and days. Of course, we'll keep a close eye on things to make sure everything works according to your expectations.

Price Craft

Price from 350 SEK/hour after ROT tax deduction. 500 SEK/hour exkluding ROT. Minimum 2 hours.

You can get ROT tax reduction for General Handyman services

The service can be eligible for a tax reduction - ROT. This means that on certain assignments you may deduct 30 percent of the labor cost. The tax reduction is administered by us at Hemfrid when you receive the invoice, all to make it easy for you.

Below you see some examples of assignments we perform within General Handyman Services and whether these give ROT deductions (30%) or in some cases RUT deductions (50%).

  • ROT-eligible assignments

    • Sanding ceilings and walls
    • Painting floors, ceilings, walls and radiators
    • Wallpapering
    • Replacing and sanding floors
    • Installing tiles
    • Replacing and repairing kitchen cabinet doors
    • Replacing and repairing interior doors as well as locks and handles on interior door or inside of exterior door
    • Painting interior doors and insides of exterior doors and windows
    • Replacing and repairing interior windows and window trim
    • Painting or varnish doors and kitchen cabinet doors
    • Building and renovating built-in cabinets or bookshelves
  • ROT-eligible assignments only in villa

    • Painting the facade
    • Cleaning gutters
    • Painting outsides of doors and windows
  • Non-ROT-eligible assignments

    • Mounting awnings, curtain rails, curtain rods
    • Mounting freestanding furniture
    • Mounting hooks, shelves, frames
    • Mounting barbecue, party tent, trampolines
    • Setting up and switching out batteries in smoke alarms
    • Disposal
  • RUT-eligible assignments in connection with move

    • Mounting curtain rails, curtain rods
    • Mounting up/down furniture
    • Setting up hooks, shelves, paintings, TV mount
  • Non-RUT-eligible assignments in connection with move

    • Moing furniture within the same dwelling, for example to another room or floor
    • Moving household items to and from another private person
    • Moving household items to retailers
    • Disposal
  • More information

    Read more att (in Swedish) if you are unsure whether the work entitles you to a ROT deduction or RUT deduction.

Why Hemfrid?

  • Liability

    Should something happen, our liability insurance covers all possible damages.

  • Guaranteed quality

    The guarantee means that we fix what you are not satisfied with right away.

  • Fair Working Conditions

    As a Hemfrid client you can feel calm. All our employees have a collective agreement and work under fair conditions.

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