Christmas gifts from Hemfrid

Here are our best Christmas gift ideas!

An easier everyday life

Treat your parents, or why not yourself if you are doing most of the chores at home, to a cleaning subscription for Christmas.  

75 000 SEK is the maximum amount of RUT you can use per person per year. You can choose to have regular cleaning every- or every other week, and still be able to take advantage of our other RUT approved services.

If you are booking for your parents, enter their name but your personal number to givet hem RUT.

A Christmas gift for an easier and more sustainable everyday life.
Book a cleaning subscription!

Deep Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Moving services and Moving Cleaning.

We are here for you to make your everyday life a bit easier, and with more than 25 years of experience, we have become specialist on tailored solutions, with you and your home in focus.

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