Christmas gifts from Hemfrid

Here are our best Christmas gift ideas!

For you

Treat yourself to a cleaning subscription for Christmas. As a gift for the whole family or why not for yourself if you are in charge of most of the cleaning in your house.

From July 1, 2019, the RUT deduction doubled. Your built-in ceiling for RUT services is now SEK 50,000 per person per year. You can now have cleaning every week or every two weeks and also have room to buy more of our other RUT services. As before, you still pay 50% of the labor cost.

A Christmas gift for a simpler and more sustainable everyday life.
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For your parents

Did you know that you can gift your RUT or parts of your RUT to your parents? Give them this year's best Christmas gift in the form of care services!

You book in your parent's name but provide your own social security number to give away RUT.

With our RUT service Care, we at Hemfrid want to simplify everyday life for the elderly and their relatives.

We can do everything from helping with grocery shopping, simple cooking and cleaning to having fika, walking or accompanying to the doctors. Everyone's wishes look different and you decide where the needs are. We are an extra social network and a helping hand.

A Christmas gift for a simpler everyday life with increased quality of life.
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