Tips in flu season

During this flu season we want to give you some tips that are good to know and that you can use when we are not in place .

Right cloth for the right area

Use Hemfrid's color-coded cloths for the different areas at home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Wash them frequently and make sure they are freshly washed before your next cleaning.

Clean the remote control

Don't forget to clean the remote, it can spread the cold virus. With the help of a cotton swab you can access between the buttons!

Wipe salt and pepper dispensers

Wipe off the salt and pepper containers in the kitchen often, they easily accumulate bacteria.

Wipe the refrigerator handles

Do not forget to wipe the handle of the refrigerator frequently to avoid bacteria.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands and children's hands carefully when you get home. It's recommended washing for 30 seconds. Sing Swedish childern's song Björnen sover twice!

Wear clean socks

Put on the kids clean socks when they come home from preschool and you avoid bacteria from outside, at home.

Put away the bag

Look out for a place for your bag that is not in the kitchen. A lot of dirt and bacteria come with it from the outside.

Take care!