Get a head start before Christmas

Christmas break

Sync your family's calendars around days off and vacations right now. Both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are on Thursdays this year, so it may be necessary to puzzle a little extra for continuous holidays this year.


This year will be a different Christmas for many. Think about some new activities that replace the traditional ones. Instead of a mulled wine party for the whole family, a Zoom or Facetime alternative with prizes for the craziest Christmas sweater and best background decor?

Christmas presents

Create a note per family member on your mobile with gift ideas. Grandma mentions she needs to charge the electric toothbrush every day, note New electric toothbrush in the list Christmas gift ideas for grandma. Uncheck what has been bought and save the rest of the list for the next gift opportunity.

Christmas food

Create a checklist of Christmas food as it comes up. The colleague at work mentions his super good kale pudding at lunch, add it to the checklist of Christmas food to try.

Christmas card

Have a rolling list on your mobile phone from year to year with who will receive Christmas cards so you do not have to invent the wheel every time. Maybe physical to Aunt Gerd and Uncle Åke who appreciate snail mail and fun interactive digital to other family members?