Checklist for move out cleaning

Moving to a new home is usually an exciting thing and there's a lot to think about the move itself but also about the move out cleaning. If you choose to move out clean yourself, it can be difficult to know what's expected of you when it comes to cleaning and what you should think about. With our checklist, you get some valuable tips for move out cleaning.

Checklist room by room

All rooms and other spaces in the home must be properly cleaned when you've moved out and the new tenant or owner is moving in. Imagine that you have to clean as carefully as you would like it to be when you move into your new home and then add some extra elbow grease. Those who move into your former home have the right to demand that it's properly cleaned in the same way as you can make demands on the cleaning in your new home.

Here you can see which steps are to be performed and can check off the list as you tackle room after room.

All living spaces

Perform these steps in all rooms, including kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces in the home:

  • Dust walls and ceilings.

  • Remove stains from walls and ceilings.

  • Clean carpentry, moldings, doors, door frames, window sills, free surfaces, wardrobe doors and cabinet doors. Don't forget the top edge of doors!

  • Remove picture hooks and don't leave stickers or other types of decals.

  • Clean radiators, even on the back.

  • Dust off electrical outlets.

  • Dust off fixed lighting.

  • Clean fixed mirrors.

  • Vacuum and wipe out closets, cabinets and built-in bookshelves.

  • Remove ash from fireplace and stove.

  • Clean blinds.

  • Clean windows on the outside and inside as well as between the panes and wash the window frames.

  • Wipe exterior and patio doors.

  • Wipe the railing and spindles in the stairs.

  • Vacuum and wet mop floors.


Cleaning the kitchen takes time because there are many surfaces and appliances. The kitchen often gets quite greasy after all the cooking, so set aside plenty of time to get it really clean.

In the kitchen, you perform all the steps for a living space and add these:

  • Clean inside and outside kitchen cabinets and drawers as well as plinths.

  • Clean tiles and splash guards.

  • Clean countertops.

  • Clean all sides of fixed cutting boards.

  • Clean the sink, tap, stopper and strainer.

  • Defrost, pull out and clean the refrigerator and freezer on the outside, inside, on top and underneath.

  • Pull out the stove and clean the sides, wall, sides of the cabinet next to it and the floor below.

  • Clean the hob.

  • Clean the oven inside and outside as well as all baking sheets and oven rack.

  • Clean the microwave on the outside and inside.

  • Wipe the kitchen fan on the outside and inside and clean the filter.

  • Clean dishwasher outside and inside including filter.

  • Wipe trash can and recycling bins.

Bathroom and toilet

Bathrooms and toilets require some time because some products need to have time to work for it to be completely clean. It's also extra important for hygienic reasons that these rooms are thoroughly cleaned. In a bathroom, it often needs to be descaled where water has flowed and collected as around taps and such, so make sure you have the right products for it.

In the bathroom, you perform all the steps for a living space and add these:

  • Degrease and descale walls, tiles and tile joints.

  • Clean bathtub. Loosen the front so that you can clean the underside and the floor.

  • Clean shower area.

  • Clean sink.

  • Clean taps, visible pipes and shower nozzle.

  • Clean bathroom cabinets on the outside and inside.

  • Clean the floor drain and clean the inside.

  • Clean the water trap.

  • Clean the toilet on the inside and outside.

  • Clean the outside and inside of the washing machine including the detergent compartment and dryer.

Balcony, storage and garage

In addition to the living rooms, additional areas such as balconies, storage, attics, basements and garages must also be cleaned when you move.

  • Wipe surfaces and sweep the balcony. Clean windows if the balcony is glazed.

  • Clean and sweep in storage, attic and basement and clean windows if there are any.

  • Clean and sweep in the garage and clean windows if there are any.

  • Take all your belongings with you. The home must be left completely empty unless you and the person moving in after you have agreed otherwise.

Plot and garden

If you move from a house, the garden and land must also be left in good condition.

  • Mow the lawn.

  • Remove trash and debris.

  • Take all your belongings with you. Only things that are normally in a garden are left unless you and the person who moves in after you have agreed otherwise.

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6 moving cleaning tips

The idea of ​​a move out cleaning is that it should be so carefully done that the person who moves in after you does it in a completely clean home. A very thorough cleaning. Here we've gathered some tips for move out cleaning so that you're well prepared.

  1. Clean regularly. Not the most fun of tips, but it really makes it easier if you've kept it your home clean even before the move out cleaning. Some steps such as descaling the bathroom and shower take time, if it's not done in a long time, do yourself a favor and clean continuously.

  2. The right tools save time, so make sure you have environmentally friendly cleaning products and good tools when you clean. Also make sure you have good work gloves and dish gloves yourself. Some products may splash or smell strongly so wear goggles and a mask.

  3. Defrost the fridge and freezer well before you move, as this step takes a few hours. Carefully protect the floor with plastic, towels and a vessel that collects the water.

  4. Since move out cleaning often takes place after you've left the home and moved into your new home, it's a good idea to leave lighting so that you can see properly when you clean. Especially important if you need to clean in the evening or in the winter when it is dark outside early. Also be sure to have a ladder so you can reach properly.

  5. If you choose to move out clean yourself, it's a good idea to start cleaning spaces that you don't use daily, such as storage and basements, in good time. Clean them as you pack them up so you get a head start when it's time for the living spaces. Finish with vacuuming and mopping when they're empty after the move.

  6. Start the cleaning of the living spaces a few days before the move so you avoid stress and risk not having time to do it carefully enough. A home that's move out cleaned should be clean from ceiling to floor, all stains, dirt and dust down to the smallest piece of trim should be removed and it often takes longer than you think. We're not talking about wiping lightly with a cloth, but a thorough cleaning of every single surface is needed.

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