Så snabbstädar du hemmet

Unexpected guests? Here's how you quick-clean your home.

It happens to all of us – suddenly, guests are on their way, and your home is far from ready. But worry not; you can quickly get your home presentable again with a few simple tricks. Here you'll find our best tips for making your home guest-friendly in no time:

  1. Tidy up
    Ensure to pick up clothes, toys, and other items lying around to avoid a cluttered impression. Gather your things in baskets, boxes, or bags to quickly collect them.

  2. Focus on the main rooms
    Your guests will most likely spend most of their time in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Prioritize these rooms first.

  3. Air out
    A fresh scent can do wonders: open windows or doors and air out before the guests arrive. You could also light a scented candle if you have a favorite scent you want to spread, or why not put on a pot of coffee?

  4. Quick fix the toilet
    Ensure the toilet is clean and tidy. Hang up a clean towel, refill the toilet paper, and empty the trash can.

  5. Create a pleasant atmosphere
    First impressions are everything! Light candles, draw the curtains slightly and add some pleasant background music.

  6. Flowers and plants
    Place fresh flowers and green plants visibly. It gives a warm and cozy feeling.

  7. Spruce up the sofa
    Arrange the cushions, fluff them up, and fold any blankets or throws neatly.

  8. Make space in the hallway
    The hallway is the first thing your guests see. Make sure there's room to hang coats and take off shoes.

Do you always want to be ready for unexpected visits?

Keeping your home in top condition can be challenging, especially with a hectic lifestyle. Our regular home cleaning gives you more time for other things and a house that's always ready for unexpected visits.