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How to polish copper and brass

Candlesticks, cabinet knobs, flower pots, lamps and trays, pot holders, hooks, taps…

The trend of brass and copper in our homes continues. They are all shiny when they arrive, but with air, moisture, dripping wax and greasy fingerprints, they darken over time. The patina can be beautiful, but dark and verdigris spots are best removed when they occur. They can otherwise over time become difficult to get rid of and can in the worst case become permanent.

Here's how

Candle wax and grease are first rinsed off with hot water and can then be polished. Use a soft cloth together with product that has a polishing effect. Avoid steel wool and sponges with a slightly coarser surface that can leave scratches.

We recommend our own Universalpasta. Works just as well on the more difficult stains as for the easier cleaning. Leaves a protective film, so that it takes a while before you need to clean again and is also environmentally kind all the way down the drain.


  • Clean up darker stains and verdigris immediately when they occur.

  • Candle wax and grease is removed with hot water.

  • Avoid polishing with agents and scratchy sponges.