For 4 out of 5, the dishes is the most prioritized household chore

Many people agree that household chores and cleaning are causing connflict in couple relationships. Hemfrid has made a deep dive into the subject for those who live in a relationship, including which household chores are the most prioritized.

Hemfrid/Novus survey shows that 4 out of 5 Swedes who live in a couple relationship think that the disk is the most prioritized household chore, but keeping order and order creates the most friction in the love relationship.

Top 5 list of most prioritized household chores

  1. Wash dishes (fill in/empty dishwasher, hand washing up etc)

  2. Keep order in general (pick up things, free up space, etc.)

  3. Throw away/take care of rubbish/bulky waste

  4. Wash clothes (sort dirty laundry, hang in clean laundry etc)

  5. Cleaning (dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors etc)

Keeping order and picking up is something that our customers want help with, but that's also important to free up space so that we can carry out our work in the best way. Extra focus in the kitchen, bathroom and the children's room is the highest priority. Also doing the laundry and ironing are tasks that are appreciated by our customers.

Jörgen Lidvall, Sales Manager Hemfrid

Household chores that create the most disagreement

  1. Keep order in general (remove things, free up space, etc.)

  2. Cleaning (vacuuming, vacuuming, wiping floors etc)

  3. Wash dishes (pick in / out dishwasher, hand wash etc)

  4. Wash clothes (sort dirty laundry, hang in clean laundry etc)

  5. Discard / dispose of rubbish / bulky rubbish and clean windows

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