The Timebank - your flexible every day friend

At Hemfrid, we are committed to providing services that are not only of the highest quality but also as flexible and straightforward as possible for our customers. That’s why we have introduced the Time Bank, your flexible friend in everyday life.

As a subscription customer, you gain access to the Time Bank. This feature allows you to tailor our cleaning services to your needs, ensuring your home remains clean and fresh all year round at a fixed monthly cost.

Based on the number of cleaning hours in your contract, your Time Bank is replenished with new hours each month. These hours are allocated for your regular home cleaning and any additional tasks. If you use fewer hours than estimated, for instance, if you cancel a cleaning, your Time Bank balance increases. Conversely, your Time Bank balance decreases if you use more hours, such as when booking an extra service. Think of it as a kind of flex account!

What are the advantages of the Time Bank?

  • Predictability.

    Your subscription comes at a fixed monthly cost, regardless of the hours used. In some months, you might use more hours,while in others, you might uses fewer. You can borrow more hours than your subscription allows without being billed the following month. The Time Bank lets you see both your current and projected balance.

  • Flexibility.

    You can tailor the use of your hours based on your needs and the season.

  • Simplicity.

    Your Time Bank balance only changes with cancellations or additional bookings. Access the Time Bank via our app or website to easily keep track of your balance and plan future services.

Your hours, your choice.
The Time Bank goes beyond your ongoing home cleaning. You can use your saved hours to book a window cleaning or a major cleaning – or to add more tasks to any of your home cleaning sessions. For example, you could add laundry, ironing, and bedmaking. Thanks to the flexibility of the Time Bank, you can explore our entire wide range of services.

You can access the Time Bank by logging in to our website or our app.