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Tips from our security expert

Safety at home is always an important issue. Before the holidays, it will be extra relevant. Our security expert Dick Malmlund gives his best advice and tips.

Security at home during the holidays

The thief looks for everything that indicates that no one is in the home and probably will not come home in a few days. Here are Dick Malmlund's best tips on measures you should consider and that make a big difference to the thief staying away.

Trick the thief

  • Set timers with irregular lighting of indoor lighting

  • Arrange sounds from inside the home, for example with a radio on an irregular timer

  • Have someone mow the lawn and park their car on your driveway

Pause the mail and be a little secretive

  • Change address temporarily or request a break in newspaper subscriptions

  • Ask someone to empty your mailbox, have your mail forwarded or pause the mail delivery so that mail is not visible in the mailbox or inside the door

  • Do not write on social media that you are away

  • Do not let your answering machine notify that you're on holiday

  • Do not connect your intercom to a mobile number that notifies that you'e on holiday

Burglary protection

  • Make sure you have good door locks and window locks

  • Install alarms and surveillance cameras

  • Install external lighting on villas

Prevent identity theft

One type of crime that applies all year round but that increases during the holidays is ID hijacking. To make these more difficult, Dick Malmlund recommends three free services that you should use.

  • Block unauthorized address change at Skatteverket so that your fraudster can not change address.

  • Order the address lock] at Svensk Adressändring. This is so that no one can change the postal address and forward or pause your mail.

  • Register for digital mailbox at Kivra. That way, you get most of the letters digitally and, above all, you get much faster credit information, which can be a sign that someone is trying to shop or take out a loan in your name.

Also go through your credit cards and note card numbers and phone numbers where you should call in the event of loss or theft and do not store mobile phones and credit cards together.