What's included in our deep cleaning?

In our deep cleaning service, we provide you with a thorough and detailed cleaning of your home, tailored to deliver an unparalleled sense of cleanliness in every corner. The service is designed with care and precision to ensure that your home not only looks clean but also feels fresh and welcoming.

Detailed cleaning in every room

Our deep cleaning includes extensive dusting of walls, as well as vacuuming and wiping of woodwork, radiators, and all free surfaces – including on top of wardrobes and cabinets. We give your decorative items, shelves, paintings, electrical outlets and switches, as well as upholstered furniture, a thorough dusting. Vacuuming under and on carpets is carried out where possible, and we also dust lamps, perform dry dusting of electronics (except for screens), polish mirrors, and empty wastebaskets. Additionally, we vacuum and mop floors to remove all dust and dirt.


In the kitchen, we go a step further by cleaning the extractor fan and filter, on top of cabinets and shelves, as well as performing an outside and inside wiping of cabinet doors. We take care of the exterior of the refrigerator and freezer, tiles and splashbacks, and clean under cabinets and wipe baseboards where possible. The microwave and dishwasher are cleaned both outside and inside, and we also take care of items left out, such as the coffee maker and spices.


The bathroom receives a thorough cleaning of walls and floors, including polishing of taps, visible pipes, and shower heads. We perform degreasing and descaling where possible, as well as cleaning the shower or bathtub, floor drain, and performing an external wiping of bathroom cabinets. Cleaning of the faucet and sink, toilet, and external cleaning of appliances is also included.

Bedroom and hallway

In the bedroom, we focus on making beds, changing bed linens if necessary, and dusting or vacuuming the headboard and bed frame. In the hallway, we dust handrails, banisters, and balusters in the staircase, and perform vacuuming and wiping of the shoe rack and coat rack.

Additional services

For an even more customized experience, you can choose additional services like window cleaning, frame washing, internal oven cleaning, and more, to tailor the deep cleaning to your specific needs and preferences. To ensure the best possible results, we recommend that the home is tidied up before we begin our cleaning. We provide all necessary cleaning supplies, and you can feel secure with our two-day guarantee on the deep cleaning.

Our deep cleaning is more than just a service; it's a promise of a sparkling clean home where you can feel calm and harmonious.