welcome spring

Welcome the spring and clear away the winter

At last, the time has come for longer days and warming sun rays – a clear sign that spring is on its way. It's time to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring. It's not just nature that rejuvenates in anticipation of spring's arrival; it's also an opportunity for us to freshen up our homes and wardrobes. Here, we've gathered some tips to simplify the seasonal transition.

Clean your winter clothes

Before you store away your coat and down jacket for the season, it's wise to give them some extra care so they're clean and fresh when you bring them out again in the fall. A tip is to air out the jackets thoroughly before storing them. Always check the washing instructions when cleaning your jackets!

How to clean down jackets

It's best to clean any spots by hand, but sometimes the jacket needs a thorough cleaning. Start by closing zippers and Velcro straps, then turn the jacket inside out. Wash the jacket on a low temperature with a down detergent and never use fabric softener. Once washed, dry the jacket in the tumble dryer on low heat for a long time, throw in a few tennis balls or tumble dryer balls to evenly distribute the down.

How to clean wool coats

Start by airing out the coat overnight, preferably in humid weather. Then, examine the coat carefully, removing dust, lint, and loose threads. You can use a lint roller, for example. If you have small stains, try cleaning them with a lightly dampened soft brush. If you have difficult stains, you should take the garment to the dry cleaners.

How to clean wool sweaters

Preferably wash wool by hand, or on the washing machine's wool program. Try to remove visible stains with a soft brush before washing the garment. Always use a wool detergent and dry the garment carefully. You can lay the wet sweater on a towel, roll it up and gently press out the water. Then flat dry.

Store winter clothes properly

By giving an extra thought to how you store your winter clothes, you can extend their lifespan and save space in storage. After cleaning your winter clothes, you can fold sweaters, undergarments, pants, and similar items and store them in vacuum bags. This way, they take up less space and are protected against dust and moisture. Larger jackets and garments are best hung in garment bags, preferably with some dried lavender or cedar blocks to keep pests away.

Clean your sneakers

When the snow has melted away and the streets are swept, it's time to bring out your spring shoes. With a few simple means, you can make your favorite sneakers look new again. Start by brushing off all loose dirt. Then scrub the outer sole with, for example, Hemfrid's universal paste. Let it act and wipe off with a damp cloth, then follow up with a dry cloth. Done! Do you have white sneakers with stubborn stains? Rub with a paste made of baking soda and water.

Prepare your home

Spring is a time for a fresh start, even for the home. Take the opportunity to do a thorough spring cleaning to freshen up. Focus on surfaces that are often forgotten throughout the year, such as on top of cabinets and behind large furniture. Does it feel overwhelming? We are happy to help. You can read more about our deep cleaning here.

Take the opportunity to clean the washing machine and dryer

As the winter clothes go away and the spring ones come out, there often becomes a bit more laundry. Take the opportunity to clean the washing machine and dryer so that they can continue to deliver high-quality laundry. To clean the washing machine, you can use a classic housewife's tip: Pour baking soda into the washing machine's rubber part and top up with vinegar. Rub the inside of the door with blue toothpaste. Then cut a lemon in half and put it in the washing machine. Run the machine at 90 degrees.

Remember to regularly clean the dryer's filter to improve its function and reduce the risk of fire.

Sparkling clean windows

Let the sun's rays shine through clean windows. Winter weather often leaves traces on your windows, and now can be a good time to clean them. You can get very far with cleaning ingredients that you already have at home, and you rarely need expensive special agents. Just as dish soap makes your drinking glasses sparkling clean, it also gives your windows a shining result. Cleaning windows with dish soap is good in more than one way. The dish soap makes it easier to use the rubber squeegee against the window – it slides more easily and with less friction. Mix two tablespoons of dish soap in a bucket of warm water. More dish soap doesn't make the windows cleaner; rather, it can make it harder to get the windows clean because too much soap can leave a film. Then clean one window at a time so the windows don't become streaky when the water dries.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want help from our experienced window cleaners with the cleaning.

Take the opportunity to enjoy

Allow yourself time to enjoy the arrival of spring. A coffee in the sun, an outing with the kids, a lunch with friends... Spring is about coming back to life and finding time for what you love. We are here to help you to a simpler everyday life, discover our services too.