nu lanserar vi flytt

Now we make moving even easier

Hemfrid broadens the range of services in the home and now takes the step into the Moving industry. Starting in October 2016, we offer a relocation service, which entitles to a 50 percent RUT deduction since the first of August 2016.

-We want to make everyday life even easier for our customers and that is why we constantly strive to offer new services. Since Move out cleaning is already an important part of our business, it is a natural step to help with the entire move, says Hemfrid's CEO Maria Andersson.

Anyone who wants to move can now book deep cleaning before the viewing, packing, transportation, unpacking and move out cleaning at the same time with Hemfrid. In this way, the customer only needs to contact one supplier for help with all parts of the move.

Since its inception, over 20 years ago, Hemfrid has the best conditions for all employees, including collective agreements, pensions and liability insurance.

-There is a great demand for declared moving services, but unfortunately, undeclared labor has been common. We have been involved in changing the cleaning industry - now we want to help make yet another industry that has had problems with undeclared labor become declared and create more good jobs, says Maria Andersson.

On August 1st of this year, the RUT deduction was extended so that more services were given the right to deductions, including moving services. The reform is part of the migration and integration agreement concluded by the government and the alliance with the aim of creating jobs and facilitating the way into the Swedish job market.

Facts The RUT deduction

  • On August 1, 2016, the RUT deduction was extended to include more gardening, moving services and IT assistance in the home.

  • The deduction is 50 percent of the labor cost. Anyone who does the work will deduct half the labor cost directly on the invoice.

  • The maximum deduction is SEK 50,000 per person per year.

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