An even easier every day

You no longer have to think about whether you have the right cleaning products at home or if there is something that needs replenishing. We will take care of it! We manage your cleaning cupboard and replenish automatically when needed. The products are delivered directly to your door.

We have developed a series of ecolabelled cleaning products that clean your whole house efficiently.

All our products are marked with Bra Miljöval. They are manufactured in Sweden by a climate neutral company. For more information on manufacturing see

The packaging is made of green polythene, an innovative environmental plastic based on at least 85% renewable raw material - sugarcane.

The following products are included in the cleaning subscription for you as a private customer:


Our Allrent lasts a long time and quickly remove stains from floor to ceiling without damaging the surface. It is kind to the environment and smells nice of citrus.

Rapeseed soap

Hemfrid's Rapeseed soap contains renewable raw materials and is kind to nature. It cleans and handles delicate surfaces such as stone and wood floors.

Washing-up liquid

Hemfrid's detergent contains renewable, climate-smart raw materials that effectively dissolve fat and dried food residues. The detergent also works really well for window cleaning.

WC / Bathroom Clean

Our WC / Bathroom Cleaner quickly and efficiently removes lime deposits, soap residues and more difficult dirt. It also makes your bathroom smell good of citrus.


Our Universalpasta cleans all surfaces exposed to a lot of water. Perfect for bathtubs and sinks, and also for polishing old brass candlesticks.

Scrub cream

Hemfrid's scrub cream makes sinks, ceramic hobs, tiles and bathtubs shiny clean. It takes on the most unsightly stains without leaving any scratches.

Hand Soap (Bonus)

Our hand soap is gentle and makes sure your hands are really clean in a gentle manner. It naturally smells of green tea and bergamot.