Milestones in Hemfrid's history

It was Monica Lindstedt's own life situation that gave birth to the idea for Hemfrid. For her, it was difficult to combine home and family with a hectic professional life and a husband who worked a lot. To solve her own problem, she started a company that could help her with the daily chores at home, she was tired of going on the "next shift" when she came home from work.

-It was also so obvious that there were more than me who experienced the same problem and had a great need for services in the home. At the same time, we had a rather tough labor market so there were two sides - partly to provide relief for those who were short of time, partly to provide an opportunity for employment for many who were outside the labor market. I married two problems and found a solution.

When Hemfrid was started in 1996, we were the first to enter the market with white labor household services. Since then, it has been an exciting journey that has primarily challenged political ideas and societal values. Monica says that she is most proud of having succeeded in proving that it is possible to run a successful service company in the home service industry.

-Many doubted us initially. Now most people understand that we are here to stay and many who were previously opposed to this service and the RUT deduction, have realized that they were wrong.

Monica Lindstedt's vision has always been to build a large company.
-We do not change the world by being a small picturesque company on Södermalm, but we must constantly grow and develop. Today we are in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Västerås and Helsingborg and simplify everyday life for thousands of families every month. We also have as our main ambition to be the industry's best employer.

Milestones in Hemfrid's history

2003 - Hemfrid starts to make a profit after a few years in headwinds.

2007 - A tax reduction for household services is introduced in July. Private individuals have the opportunity to deduct 50% of the labor cost.

2008 - From January, employees with household-related services as a salary benefit also have the opportunity to make tax deductions.

2009 - From July, direct deductions for household services are introduced. The consumer pays 50% of the labor cost directly and does not have to spend money out of pocket. Hemfrid grows by almost 60% in one year.

2010 - Hemfrid passes 1,000 employees.

2011 - Monica Lindstedt receives Veckans Affärer's award "Social Entrepreneur of the Year".

2013 - Hemfrid passes 1,500 employees.

2016 - Hemfrid celebrates 20 years and 2,000 employees.