When the daily life puzzle becomes too much to handle, a safe and reliable person who can help with child care is a big relief. To make you and your family feel safe, we take great effort in finding the right recruits for our children's assignments.

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Here’s How It Works

Whether your children are small or big, you can feel confident that our experienced and committed employees take care of them in a safe and secure way. You tell us your family’s specific needs and wishes, and we customize our service based on it. Perhaps you need help picking your children up after preschool? Fix them snacks or a lighter dinner? We can also help with homework and other activities.

How to Become a Client

Before you become a client, we absorb and specify your family’s unique needs. We then find suitable candidates for the assignment that you get to sit down with face to face. Only when you’ve decided on a suitable candidate, we begin the service according to the agreed hours and days. Of course, we'll keep a close eye on things to make sure everything works according to your expectations.

Why Hemfrid

  • Caretakers with collective agreements

    Our staff are trained, have permanent employment and are covered by collective agreements.

  • Trained and Trusted Caretakers

    We have high demands on our recruits and make sure they have good references and plenty of experience with children. All our employees are trained in heart and lung rescue.

  • The Same Caretaker Every Time

    Of course, it's always the same person who helps you out.

Babysitting and tax reduction

If you purchase Hemfrid babysitting service, you will receive a 50 % tax deduction on the labor cost.

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