Campaign deep cleaning for free

Book weekly cleaning - Get 10% discount!

  • Use the code: "b2b-partner" when you book to activate the offer

Book weekly cleaning and get a 10% recurring discount on your monthly cost.

Terms: The offer applies to those who don't have a subscription today and when purchasing a cleaning subscription of at least 3 hours every two weeks. The offer is valid throughout 2023, where the first cleaning must be provided before 31/12 2023. The discount is valid until further notice and can't be combined with other offers or benefits.

What is included in our weekly cleaning?

It’s perfectly fine to need help sometimes, like with cleaning, for example. As one of our weekly cleaning customers, you will receive same-day cleaning, every week or every other week at a fixed monthly rate.

  • General cleaning in all rooms

    Our weekly cleaning includes these elements as standard in all rooms:

    • Vacuuming floors, moldings, electrical outlets, radiators and carpets, as well as upholstered and padded furniture.
    • Damp mopping floors or cleaning them in some other agreed upon manner.
    • Wiping doors and frames where we can access them.
    • Dusting window sills and horizontal surfaces.
    • Dusting lamps, shelves and picture frames where we can access them.
    • Cleaning mirrors.
    • Making beds.
    • Emptying trash containers.
  • Bathrooms

    We perform general cleaning steps, as well as:

    • Cleaning the bathtub, shower, sink and toilet.
    • Wiping away stains from walls.
    • Wiping bathroom cabinets and fixtures.
  • Kitchen

    We perform general cleaning steps, as well as:

    • Cleaning the sink and kitchen counters, stove and backsplash behind the stove and counters.
    • Cleaning inside the microwave oven.
    • Cleaning the inside and outside of cabinets where there are waste containers.
    • Wiping kitchen doors.
    • Wiping off the fan and the outside of other kitchen appliances.
    • Emptying trash containers.
  • Our own cleaning products

    The cleaning service contract also includes our eco-friendly cleaning products which are delivered to your home and refilled when they run out. Clever, isn't it?

Why Hemfrid?


    Our work is always tailored to your needs and wishes.


    We have collective agreements with secure terms, insurance and contractual pension for our employees. The way it should be.


    Both your home and our employees are 100% insured.