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Pruning of fruit trees

Tree pruning of fruit trees improves the conditions for the trees to feel good for several generations. Our professional team help you keep them healthy by dealing with weak and damaged parts, as well as creating balance between older and new branches. Fill in your details and we will get back to you with a price suggestion.

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Here’s How It Works

Pruning your fruit trees is a long-term investment as it creates the right conditions for a long and healthy life. For those who are not used to tree pruning, it can be difficult to know which branches to remove, so we are sure that the team that comes to you has the right skills and training.

When should you prune your fruit trees?

Pruning during spring winter is recommended first and foremost for apple trees and pear trees where you want more growth. An example of this is old fruit trees that need stimulation. Plums and cherry trees do not like to be trimmed during this period as they may have difficulty healing and bleed a lot of sap. During the summer we leave the trees so they get a break and can focus on growth and fruiting. JAS pruning is good for other fruit tree pruning. We strip away unwanted branches and water shoots. However, the JAS period extends beyond just September since the temperature and weather have changed drastically in recent years. Fruit trees can be pruned as late as early November.

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Hemfrid's Gardening service

Would you like us to help you with other tasks in your garden? We have experienced gardeners who are happy to take care of your garden. They help, among other things, with setting up flowerbeds and ongoing maintenance such as weeding and mowing. At Hemfrid we also offer several different package solutions such as Spring cleaning and Fall cleaning of the garden.

Why Hemfrid?

  • Liability

    Should an accident occur, Hemfrid has liability insurance and is responsible for any damage caused by our staff. Of course, our employees are also fully insured, both during working hours and to and from work.