Robotic mower

Having your own garden is a true privilege and contributes to great joy, especially during the summer months. At the same time, the garden involves some work that can be difficult to catch up with in everyday life. Together with Husqvarna, we help you keep your lawn mowed throughout the season.

Wouldn't it be nice to always come home to a freshly cut lawn, even after your vacation? Buy a Husqvarna Automover® and Hemfrid handles the delivery and installation.

What are the terms?

You buy Husqvarna Automower® through us and we help you with consultation, delivery and installation. You can add annual service/software update and winter storage. Simple and easy!

How is it done?

We will come to see you on a free robotic consultation to give you a recommendation which lawn mower model is best for you and your garden.

What does it cost?

You can choose to buy the robotic lawnmower directly or pay for it at 24 or 36 months interest-free.

Model - Price - 24 months

  • 315X - SEK 23,900 - SEK 996/month
  • 430X - SEK 29,900 - SEK 1,246/month
  • 450X - SEK 41,900 - SEK 1,746/month
  • 435X AWD - SEK 49,900 - SEK 2,079/month

Model - Price - 36 months

  • 315X - SEK 23,900 - SEK 664/month
  • 430X - SEK 29,900 - SEK 831/month
  • 450X - SEK 41,900 - SEK 1,164/month
  • 435X AWD - SEK 49,900 - SEK 1,386/month

The setup fee of SEK 495 will be added at 24 months and SEK 595 at 36 months. Installation costs from SEK 3,990 - SEK 5,990 depending on the size of your garden and which model you choose.

How do I book?

Contact us at robot[email protected] to schedule a consultation or if you have more questions.

Read more about Husqvarna Automower® here

Gardening service

In addition to mowing, do you need help managing your garden? Hemfrid offers Garden service! We help you with ongoing maintenance, single Gardening services and specialist services.

Read more and book Gardening

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