smartare förpackningar med grön polyten

Smarter packaging with green polyethylene

At Hemfrid we want it to be easy to take care of the home in an environmentally friendly way. That is why we are very proud of our new cleaning products. All are marked with Naturskyddsföreningens Bra Miljöval and are manufactured in Sweden by a climate-neutral company. But it is not just the content that is environmentally friendly. The packaging is also produced with care for the environment.

The bottles are made of green polyethylene, an innovative environmental plastic that 85% consists of sugar cane. Unlike oil, which fossil plastic is made of, sugar cane is a renewable raw material. Production of green polyethylene has less negative impact on the environment and lower climate emissions compared to the production of fossil plastics. Green polyethylene packaging is 100% recyclable.

By choosing green polyethylene instead of fossil plastic, we reduce both our own and our customers' climate impact. We hope you find it as important as we do.

This is how the packaging is manufactured

The packaging is manufactured in Brazil by the supplier Braskem. The factory was inaugurated in 2010 and today produces 200,000 tonnes of polyethylene per year. In the manufacturing process, sugar cane is converted to ethanol, which is then converted to ethylene and finally to polyethylene. Braskem has no farms in the rainforest and works actively to take social responsibility for its employees.

How to recycle your products from Hemfrid

By recycling your plastic packaging, you contribute to new products and energy being manufactured in a climate-smart way. Start by rinsing out the packages and unscrewing the cap or pump. Then leave both parts in the plastic packaging container at your nearest recycling station.

Hemfrid's environmental work

Hemfrid strives to use the market's most sustainable solutions, both in terms of packaging and content. We therefore follow developments in various production techniques and continuously evaluate our products and suppliers.