How to avoid the moving chaos

Sofas that get stuck in the stairwell and cords that never find their way back to the right place. Moving requires both time and effort and can also mean a lot of mishaps. Here is the list that will help you keep track of the chaos.

1. You don't have to bring everything.

Be sure to clean properly and get rid of gadgets you don't use any longer. Start early by packing the things you don't use daily. Sort out what should be saved, thrown away or donated and be a little hard on yourself. With apps such as Sellpy you can either sell stuff you no longer want or pay someone to come and get them and you won't have to take the time to go to recycling.

2. Don't pack too heavy.

Who has not made the mistake of packing the entire bookshelf into a cardboard box which can then hardly be moved without the breaking the back or the cardboard box? Instead, fill the box half way with books and put lighter things on top. Also, remember not to over pack so that they cannot be closed or stacked. Have enough cardboard boxes at home and calculate on about one box per square foot of living space.

3. Measure and plan.

It is not very fun when the sofa does not go into the elevator and then wedges between the walls of the stairwell as you try to carry it up. Measure and plan which pieces of furniture need to be dismantled and how they can be transported in the best way. Another smart tip is to take photos of the music system or TV before unplugging any cables so you can quickly and easily get them back in the right place again.

4. Keep track of the essentials.

Pack the things you will need the next day after moving in a special bag, such as hygiene items, underwear and glasses. Important papers and the like are also good to pack separately.

5. Set aside time.

Last but not least, we come to the cleaning. Windows should be washed, floor wells cleaned and freezer defrosted, among other things. Make sure you have plenty of time so that you do not forget anything and leave a neat and tidy home after you, it is not so much fun to have to go back and do the job again.

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