Seven tips for easier ironing

It's great with freshly ironed shirts and blouses. But getting them really smooth is something of an art. Here we share some of our best tips for successful ironing.

1. Let the garments hang to dry

You get the best results if you iron the shirt or blouse when it is damp. Avoid tumble drying, which wears on the clothes and makes the ironing take longer.

2. Prepare

Adjust the height of your ironing board so you can work comfortably with your shoulders relaxed. Add water to the iron. Check that the iron side of the iron is clean by hanging a clean kitchen towel over the edge of the ironing board and pulling the iron along the kitchen towel a few times.

3. Sort

Sort your laundry by temperature in the garment's care label. Always start with what requires the lowest temperature.

4. Choose the correct temperature

Set the temperature of the iron according to the garments you start with. Switch on the steam function. If the shirt does not have care label, you can try ironing on the inside with a low temperature. With too hot a temperature, the iron stops and soesnär slide.

5. Time to iron!

Start with the collar, and then any cuffs. If you iron from the outside of the collar tips and inward, you avoid the collar from wrinkling. Also, do not forget to iron the back of both the collar and cuffs. Then continue with the sleeves. It will be easier to keep the sleeve straight if you grab the seam that goes from the armpit. After the sleeves, iron the back and shoulder area, and then the back and front. Be extra careful with side seams, buttons and any chest pockets.

6. Hang

Finish your ironing by hanging the shirt or blouse on a hanger. Shirts hang best if you button the top button.

7. Take care of your iron

From time to time the iron needs to be cleaned. Most irons get clean with a mixture of tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of water. Wait until your iron is cool and then wipe it with a soft cloth.