Top 3 for an efficient move

-The basis for a good move actually consists of three things: Clean out everything you do not use, organize and label boxes properly and write checklists so that you do not forget anything. If you do this, you catch most things, but it is only possible if you make sure you have time for it, says Paulina Draganja.

-A lot of the stress around a move is what to do with everything. Turn it around instead and see it as a chance to get rid of everything you do not need, says Paulina Draganja.

Her great interest in storage and an organized home is based partly on the process itself, finding smart solutions, but above all on the feeling of how much easier everyday life becomes when you do not have to spend time looking for things or moving around between different places.

-A move is an excellent opportunity to organize the home, but you do not have to start from the beginning. Go through what has worked in the past and what you are happy with in your previous home. Bring the good solutions with you and fix the ones that are less good.

The goal is for each thing to have its place.

-It simplifies everyday life a lot, but let it take some time. As with interior design, it's about living in your new home first.

The Storage Queen's Top 3 for an efficient move

1. Do not underestimate the time

Get started right away and start packing as soon as you know you're moving. It is impossible to imagine how many things can fit in a home. Once you know what the new home looks like, you can also start clearing out the things you know will not fit. Then you do not need to spend time, energy or money on moving them unnecessarily. Designate a special place where you collect everything that is to be thrown away or given away, then you clearly see what needs to be done in the next step and the cleaning goes almost by itself.

2. Checklists

Sit down and go through what needs to be done and when. It can be anything from canceling a subscription to applying for a new preschool. Write down who in the household is responsible for which task so that nothing gets missed. The checklist can then be ticked off during the entire relocation process.

3. Label the boxes carefully

If you start packing well in advance, you also avoid the panic packing where most things are just thrown down where it fits without further thought. Pack each room separately so it will be easier to unpack later. This creates good conditions for getting organized after the move. If things end up in the right place from the beginning, you also get maximum help from the moving company because you do not have to move the stuff yourself afterwards.

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The best thing about storage: That it provides a more efficient everyday life.

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