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5 Moving dilemmas with Hanna Wessman

1. Newly Produced = Impersonal. Or?

-Sure it is easier to get charming turn of the century to feel personal, but I like new productions. There is much you can do easily. Bring in curtains and a rug and suddenly the feeling becomes completely different. Work a lot with textiles and wall paint.

2. Move to smaller place - how will it fit?

-The first tip is so clear! Get rid of all unnecessary gadgets that just take place. The second is to invest in site-built storage at full height to utilize the ceiling height and add drawers under the bed.

3. Move to bigger place - where should I start?

-Don't stress decisions but instead let it take time and live there for a while first. With bigger spaces it's smart to invest in bigger furniture instead of more. Replace the 3-seater sofa with a 4-seater.

4. I want the home to feel trendy but not redecorate all the time.

-A smart and easy way to change is to paint a wall or add wallpaper. Instead of moving stuff out, let your stuff find a new place. A classic trick is to replace cushions and other details, it does not have to be that expensive but can make a big difference. In the fall it will be very wine red, mustard yellow and blue. Also, do not forget the walls and add that little extra, art and posters can be found at good prices second hand.

5. Open floor plan and no wall to couch against. What are your thoughts?

-It is very nice to put the sofa in the middle of the room. Place it with your back to the kitchen area and place a sideboard behind it will be beautiful to look at from all directions.

About Hanna Wessman

Makes: Interior designer, host and professional blogger.

Living: In apartment in Stockholm.

Currently working on: Best of Home with Tove Norstrand at and several new but secret design collaborations.

Follow Hanna: Instagram: @hannawessman_1

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