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How to get on top of moving - FAQs

Time for a move? Here are some common questions and answers that may be good to have in your back pocket.

Can you get RUT deductions for moving?

Yes, you are entitled to a 50 percent grid deduction on labor costs for moving services.

What does Hemfrid offer for moving services?

Our professional moving team will help you transport your items to your new address. Our fixed price always includes transportation, loading, unloading and insurance. We can also help you with other things related to your move, such as Packing and Move out cleaning.

We organize Move out cleaning so you don't have to.

How much does Moving services cost?

Moving services vary in price, depending on how big you live and how far you need to move. But also how much you want help with, for example, if you want moving cleaning or packing to be included. Calculate the price here.

I have to move between different cities, is there something special I need to think about?

Truck and fuel are not RUT deductible, so ask the moving company for a price propsal where the transportation is separate if you are moving far or between cities, so that that cost doesn't come as an unpleasant surprise.

What happens if something breaks during the move?

Accidents happens so easily. Always make sure that your items are insured and that the moving company you use has insurance that covers any damage. It is also important that the moving company has a traffic permit to carry freight traffic, otherwise the insurance does not cover any damage in the event of a crash. If you pack yourself, you are responsible for ensuring that delicate items are properly packed. If you let Hemfrid take care of the packing, we are responsible for ensuring that the items arrive intact.

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I'm moving, where do I start?

Review your subscriptions and contracts to see what needs to be canceled and what can be moved with. Do not forget to check what applies in your home insurance when moving. It may be relevant to take out so-called "rolling insurance". Also, make sure that the moving company you use has insurance that covers any damage.

Don't forget to change the address so that your mail finds the right one. An easy way to access your most important entry is the Kivra app.

Check with your employer if you are entitled to a so-called "moving day" in your contract.

Start early and sort out what should be saved, thrown away or donated before the move and be a bit ruthless. You can sell items that no longer serve you or pay someone to come and get them and recycle them for you.

Is there anything in particular I should think about before packing?

Do not pack the boxes too heavily, it not only makes them difficult to move but also increases the risk of breakage. Also, remember not to pack them overly which may make them difficult to stack on to of each other. Mark the boxes so they find their wau into your new spaces correctly on arrival. Pack valuables and things you will need straight away at your desitination separately.

How many boxes do I need?

One box roughly equals one square meter of space. When you use Hemfrid's Moving services we lend you as many boxes as you want and pick them up when you've unpacked. You decide when.

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