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Trendenser: Frida's best open house tips

Trendenser is one of Sweden's most popular interior design blogs and has received several awards over the years. Founder Frida Ramstedt is currently a full time blogger and is also frequently employed as both stylist and lecturer in trends and social media. Who can we better ask for advice when it comes to styling a home for a sale?

Hi Frida! What are the trends in homestyling right now?

-Buyers have become increasingly picky and the housing ads today are as elaborate as glossy magazines. It has become more and more common to hire professional stylists and designers in sales and it is no longer about putting some lime in a bowl but to create sets and storing entire furnishings.

What do you think successful listing images should look like?

-Crispy and good photos are important for an listing to spread online. Hiring a good photographer is as important as well thought out interior design. Mix overview images with details that focus on the character of the home, the beautiful door handles or the substantial stone window sills. You rarely buy a home based solely on reason, but also a great deal on the gut feeling.

What is the biggest myth in homestyling?

-That you have to buy a lot of things that are then only used in real estate photography. Borrow from a neighbor or friend instead. Some furnishings stores agree to lend furniture, art and interior details for a small fee.

What is the most common mistake many people make?

-Many try too hard and lose focus on the listing. If you work too hard on the styling it can distract from rather than enhamce the sales benefits.

Do you have any dream job in this area?

-Yes, it would be possible to create a fun TV format about home styling for real estate.

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Frida's best styling tips before viewing

  1. Declutter and remove. Fill a moving box with all the little things that are on displayed here and there.

  2. Think about what the biggest benefits are with your particular home. Is it the space, the windows, the floor or the balcony? Lead your attention to what you want to show.

  3. Take photos of all the rooms with your phone and look at the pictures to try to see the home from the buyer's perspective. Be self-critical.

  4. A home should never be overly furnished but also not too empty or cold. A good guideline is never to furnish more than 2/3 of the floor space.

  5. To make a home feel larger choose light fabrics on beds, floors and curtains. If you have the opportunity, hang a large mirror, it makes a huge difference.

  6. Make still life displays of your nicest pieces you have in all your rooms. Don't spread them out but instead gather them. Work with different heights and structures.

About Frida Ramstedt

Does: Runs the popular interior design blog Trendenser since 2005. Writer, photographer and stylist.

Currently: Recently nominated for Sweden's Foremost Interior Blog 2017 by Cison.

The best thing about interior decoration: That it can get us in a better mood, create nice emotions and facilitate life.

Worst moving memory: It was probably when I was newly graduated and was moving the entire household from my hometown in Umeå, down to Gothenburg. But I developed a new talent: Trailer-Tetris.

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