Packing advice for your move

If you choose to pack your things yourself when you move, we want to give you some smart packing advice and tips that save you time, protect your valuables and your back.

Storage areas

Start in the storage areas; basement, attic and garage. Sort out what needs to be discarded or donated well in advance of your move.

Porcelain and glass

Wrap your plates standing upright with paper in between. Then fill the box with less delicate things. Wrap glassware with packing paper and place it in the box.


Books are heavy! So pack the carton in half with books and then fill it with light things. The boxes should be volume-filled but weigh MAX 20 kg.

Pictures and plants

Place your smaller paintings in open boxes. Pack your flowers and plants in the same way.

Dressers and cabinets

Don't forget to empty the drawers in the heavier dressers. Lightweight furniture with less delicate content need not be unpacked but can be moved as they are.

Pantry and dry goods

Ensure that all packaging is properly sealed, and that opened bottles are standing upright. Please tape the cork if necessary. Pack heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones on top.


Be extra careful with valuable and antique items. If you have booked moving service, these should be noted on an inventory list.

Flammable substances

Be sure to submit solvents, paints, etc. to the recycling station if you do not want to move it in your own car.

Keys and medicines

Take medicines, keys, remote controls, chargers and other things that you cannot be without in your personal hand luggage during the move.

Labeling of cartons

Mark the boxes carefully so that it is clear where to place them in your new home. Place the label on the side and not on top as the boxes are often stacked on top of each other.

Appliances and home electronics

Disconnect and package all appliances and other home electronics to be moved.

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