Prepare your patio for winter

Winter is approaching, and it's time to prepare the patio for the cold months. Did you know that you can save both money and the environment by using some classic housewife tips? Here you will find several practical tips to get your garden, patio, or balcony ready for winter.

Clean the Patio
If you have a deck or balcony, it's a good place to start. Sweep away leaves, dirt, and debris that have accumulated over the fall. Then wash the deck thoroughly. You don't need any strong special agents, a mix of equal parts vinegar and water works well. Spray it on the patio and scrub clean with a brush.

Take Care of Outdoor Furniture
Make sure to clean your outdoor furniture before storing it away. By doing this, you prevent stubborn stains from settling, and you can enjoy clean furniture when you bring them out in the spring. Mix dish soap or soap with water and add a splash of vinegar to make the furniture like new. Ensure they are completely dry before storing them. If you can't store the furniture indoors, cover them with a waterproof cover and make sure moisture cannot seep in.

Clear Away Leaves and Debris
Before winter arrives, it's important to clear all leaves and debris from your garden. Leaves left on the ground can create a layer that can be harmful to your lawn and plants. You don't need to use an expensive leaf blower—a classic rake is both kinder to your electricity bill and your carbon footprint. Would you like help to give your garden a good end-of-season cleaning? Check out our autumn garden cleaning services.

Create a Winter Feeding Station for Birds
Taking care of the birds in your garden during winter not only does good for them but is also a pleasant activity for you. Create a winter feeding station out of old tin cans or bottles. Fill them with bird seeds and hang them on tree branches or bird feeders. Now you help the birds survive the cold months and have the opportunity to enjoy watching them from your window.

Protect Your Plants
To protect your plants from frost and cold, you can cover them with straw or leaves. This acts as insulation and helps to keep the soil warm. You can also use recycled plastic bottles as mini-greenhouses by cutting off the bottom and placing them over the plants. Be sure to remove them on sunny days to avoid overheating.

Did you know that our experienced gardeners can help you get your garden ready for autumn and winter? We can assist with everything from clearing and raking to pruning and planting. Learn more about our gardening services here.