The level of ambition is the basis for the cleaning quarrels

Half of everyone in a couple relationship disagree about the cleaning and it is above all the level of ambition that is the basis for the quarrels. The attitude towards cleaning also affects the division of work at home, where 1 in 3 believe that the relationship would be better if they did not have to worry about cleaning. It shows a new survey from Hemfrid conducted by the analysis company Novus.

Many agree that housework and cleaning are main disagreements in couple relationships, but what are the conflicts really about? Hemfrid has made a deep dive into the subject and, among other things, found out what is actually behind the bickering.

1 in 2 disagree about the cleaning

More than half (52%) of those who live in a couple relationship disagree about something about cleaning and it is above all the level of ambition (20%), that is, what needs to be cleaned, that creates the most grudges. There is also a clear connection to the fact that cleaning creates friction in the relationships where you yourself think that you take the greatest responsibility in the home.

The fact that the level of ambition around cleaning creates discord confirms what we see when we first meet our customers. It's clear that there are different views on what counts as clean, when it should be cleaned, how it should be cleaned, which rooms, etc. The demand for our services and knowledge is increasingly in demand, it's a form of profession that requires its expertise.

Jörgen Lidvall, Sales Manager at Hemfrid.

What couples quarrel about the most about cleaning

  1. The level of ambition in cleaning (what needs to be cleaned)

  2. When it needs to be cleaned

  3. The quality of the cleaning (how carefully it should be cleaned)

  4. How often it should be cleaned

  5. When to clean (eg time/day)

  6. Who cleans the most/least

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