så tvättar du miljövänligt

How to do laundry in an environmentally friendly way

Few things are as luxurious as fresh laundry. But washing requires a lot of energy and can also wear out your textiles prematurely. With a few simple tricks, you can wash smarter and do both your wallet, the environment and your favorite garments a favor.

Start with airing out

Sometimes laundering can be skipped. If the garment is not stained, airing outdoors may be enough to make it feel fresh again.

Sort your laundry

If you have enough space, it is practical to have several laundry baskets for different types of laundry, such as light and dark textiles, or laundry that is heavily soiled. This will make it easier to keep order in the laundry room. It will also be easier to plan your washing.

Choose an eco-labeled detergent

Detergents contain a number of active substances and some can be harmful to the environment. By choosing a detergent that is labeled with, for example, Bra Miljöval or Svanen, you contribute to less chemicals being flushed out in our nature. Also remember to dose correctly. The less detergen you use, the less the impact on the environment and the wear and tear on your clothes.

Wash full machines

Wait to wash until the machine is completely full. If you do not have the opportunity to fill the entire machine, you can choose the half laundry setting, and half the amount of detergent.

Avoid washing hot

Lightly soiled laundry is usually cleaned already in 40° C washing. By washing at 40° C instead of 60° C, you can reduce your energy use by up to 40%.

Air dry more

The dryer consumes both energy and fibers from your textiles. Let the laundry air dry as often as you can.

Did you know that a Swedish family with children washes an average of 1.4 tonnes of clothes, sheets and towels every year?